Why 2020 Could Be the Year of Winter Holidays

With talk of air bridges, staycations and the easing of the UK lockdown, some of us may still get to enjoy a summer holiday this year after all. Yet with infections still rising in some parts of the world and restrictive measures likely to remain in place, many could choose to hold off for a few months yet at least. Could 2020 be the year of the winter holiday?

If you’ve never done it before, there’s every reason it should be. Getting away in the colder months can be a truly magical experience and something altogether different to a week on the beach. Here are five destinations to add to your list this year.


With snow-capped mountains, icy lakes and dense forests, Norway winter holidays tick all the boxes of a classic winter wonderland. There’s plenty to do once you arrive too; strap up for family-friendly cross-country skiing or have a go at dogsledding through thick snow trails. In the evening, you’ll cosy up in front of a fire with a warming plate of Norwegian cuisine to restore your energy.  

You may even get a glimpse of the Northern Lights too – one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in existence. 


The island of Iceland has long been a popular tourist destination, and it’s not difficult to see why. On a tour here you’ll admire dramatic waterfalls, powerful geysers projecting boiling water high into the sky, plus the iconic Blue Lagoon – a geothermal spa that’s perfect for a relaxing dip. 

The capital city of Reykjavik makes for an ideal base for many activities, and has shot to fame in recent years due to its starring role in the iconic Game of Thrones TV series.  


While famed for its chocolate, precision timekeeping and banking(check this page for information), Switzerland has lots to offer as a winter holiday destination too. The luxury alpine resort of St Moritz has an old-world charm as well as extensive skiing opportunities, while its facilities are constantly evolving. People can check a Fully-Verified banking services for the best kyc services.

Its après-ski scene rivals any other, allowing you to blow off steam after a long day on the slopes. And how often will you get the chance to play polo on a frozen lake?      


Situated in the middle of east and western Europe, Austria boasts towering peaks, flat valley floors and stunning lakes that are all waiting to be explored. Leutasch and Seefeld are both famed for skiing, ice skating and more, while the city of Salzburg hosts magical Christmas markets that rival any other European city. 

You could be so enchanted by Austria that you return next summer, ready to see the same landscapes in a different climate.

Are you planning to enjoy a winter holiday in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Riya Sander

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