Rainy Day Camping Tips

During holidays you are always dependent on the weather, and it’s especially visible when you stay at the campsite. One day you can enjoy the sunshine and blue skies, but the next day can be cold and rainy. The ticking of a delicate rain might sound nice and cosy when you are inside your warm sleeping bag, but if the weather is terrible for days, and it doesn’t stop raining, then it becomes a different story. How to camp in the rain? We are happy to help you with several tips.

Have a second tent

If you are not particularly enthusiastic about camping in the rain, why not bring a second tent with you that you can extend under your first one. Such a system will protect you further from cold and wet soil.

Opt for a tent with ventilation windows

When choosing your tent, it may be a wise idea to opt for a model with vents integrated into the tent. This will ensure better air circulation in the room in which you spend the night. When the sides of the tent are wet, avoid touching them: this gesture could facilitate the infiltration of the water inwards!

Apply the appropriate cleaning products on your tent

If you have used your tent several times, the use of a re-waterproofing spray will allow you to restore the water-repellent properties of its fabric while maintaining optimal breathability. If your tent is new, spraying a suitable cleaning product on it will help you to minimize the risk of clogging of the fabric – which could considerably reduce the impermeability of your tent. 

Take an awning with you

An awning can be handy to protect your tent and your equipment during the setting up of your camp in the rain. This solution will also give you a nice little space where you can enjoy some air from outside, despite rainy weather.

Store your items logically

Separate your dry clothes from wet clothes and always remember to have a dry outfit that you can put on once you are in your tent. Storing your food and clothing in airtight bags will help you keep dry what is not (yet) wet.

Take a microfiber bath towel with you

Microfiber bath towels are very compact, they dry quickly, and they are also very absorbent, which makes them perfect for helping you dry up after a day in the rain.

Don’t forget waterproof shoes and clothes

A waterproof jacket and pants, as well as rain boots, will keep you dry when camping in the rain. When you don’t wear them, store them separately from the rest of your belongings.

Take a sleeping bag sheet

As humidity levels increase in the air, the temperatures will drop. So, if you think you may find yourself camping in the rain, plan to take a sleeping bag sheet with you. It will help you maintain a higher temperature so that you will feel warm and cosy. These sheets will also keep your sleeping bag clean, which is helpful during rainy adventures because it’s more likely that you can bring mud with you into the enclosure of the tent.

Warm yourself up

When it rains, the overall temperature is also low. To keep you warm, use these two handy tips:

  • Enter your sleep bag when you feel warm! Because if you feel cold, you will find it harder to warm up inside your sleep bag. Are you cold? Then do a few exercises to feel warm again.
  • You can also switch on a heater when you are cold. However, heating produces condensation, so it’s important to ventilate your tent when you turn on a heater.  If you have a portable or a mini heater, check out this guide to repair hot water tanks and heaters, which could be helpful for you.

Camping with bad weather: that’s how you keep it fun!

It’s a waste of your time to wait until the bad weather stops crankily. In the meantime, you can do enough fun things as long as you are creative. You can have a great time in large accommodation. How about playing games or reading a book? All fun holiday activities are still available to you when it rains. Or, you can always take an afternoon nap. If you have a small accommodation, you have to look elsewhere for entertainment. For example, go to a museum, indoor swimming pool, shopping mall or a restaurant. You won’t notice the rain there!

We hope that with our tips, your camping holidays will be fun and active even if the weather appears to be rainy. As you can see, there are different ways on how you can protect yourself and your camp from the rain. 

Riya Sander

Riya is an inspired writer, passionate about traveling, lifestyle and encouraging startups. As a freelancer she understands the importance of productivity at work. She never stopped finding new ways to create her work productivity. Follow her on Twitter @sanderriya