The Most Instagrammed Honeymoon Locations in the World

Okay, let’s face it ladies: One of the best parts about planning a wedding is that you get to take an awesome vacation after your “I dos.” A honeymoon gives you more ways to spend time together, with unlimited gourmet dining, white beaches, endless land and water sports, and the most romantic suites on the island.

So what makes the perfect honeymoon? Is it romantic candlelit dinners with ocean backdrops when on a honeymoon in Greece for example? Is it the tranquillity of a private pool in your own luxury villa? Or is it once-in-a-lifetime adventures, with fascinating wildlife and local culture? We think a honeymoon should be as unique as you are.

Honeymoon specialist Kuoni has analysed over 2 million #honeymoon posts, published over the last five years from all around the world, to reveal the top ten destinations for a honeymoon according to Instagram.

Number 10 – The Caribbean

With over 19K mentions, the Caribbean is the tenth most popular place to Instagram on honeymoon. The Caribbean #honeymoon posts reflect the photogenic beauty of these exotic islands, and the country’s reputation for producing excellent rum, with the most used emoji’s including the desert island palm tree, the tropical cocktail drink and the camera with flash. Within the Caribbean #honeymoon posts, Saint Lucia regularly popped up as a favourite destination for honeymooners.

Lauren Hutchinson, the Caribbean travel expert at Kuoni London City says “The Caribben provides a perfect balance of amazing beaches, luscious green rainforests and waterfalls – views of the amazing Pitons from Sugar Beach are completely unique.”

Number 9 – Dubai

With just under 20K mentions within #honeymoon posts on Instagram, Dubai makes it into position nine for the most Instagrammed honeymoon location. While there is a nod to Dubai’s beaches, the tall office building emoji is also used frequently in the posts, highlighting the epic feats of architecture such as the Burj Khalifa and Cayan Tower which make Dubai so exceptional.

Dubai could be overlooked as a honeymoon destination, but it has so much to offer – only a 7 hour flight, no jet lag and amazing weather all year round. This luxury city has buzzing beach clubs, world-class water parks and ultra-luxury hotels if you want to spoil each other. There is even indoor skiing!

Number 8 – Paris

With over 21K mentions in Instagram #honeymoon posts, Paris, deemed one of the most romantic cities in the world, comes in at number eight as one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, the closest emoji to the Eiffel Tower makes a regular appearance in the posts (although it’s actually labelled as the Tokyo Tower in the emoji dictionary!). The carousel horse emoji also makes a consistent appearance, a nod to the fact that the city is home to several beautiful belle époque carousels, perfect for honeymooning couples who are young at heart.

Gemma Wilson, the Paris travel expert at Kuoni Stratford recommends that couples should “Visit one of the outer arrondissements and soak up the quieter and less commercialised side of Paris.”

Number 7 – Greece

With over 24K mentions, Greece enters the most instagrammed honeymoon chart at number seven. The most common emojis to be used on a Greece honeymoon post are the water wave and the sunset symbols, highlighting the gorgeous weather and ocean vistas found in the Greek islands –the perfect romantic backdrop for a honeymoon. Santorini comes out top as one of the most popular keywords; with its iconic blue domed buildings and luxury hotels and spas, the island of Santorini continues to grow in popularity for a European honeymoon.

Number 6 – Hawaii

Hawaii has just under 29K mentions, making it the 6th most mentioned destination in all of the Instagram #honeymoon posts. The lush flora and fauna of this volcanic archipelago are a massive draw for honeymooning couples, with the palm tree and hibiscus flower turning up as the two most popular emjois for a Hawaiian honeymoon post. The island of Oahu is mentioned plenty of times in the posts; it’s a brilliant location for a honeymoon with a historic Chinatown, iconic beach and a great nightlife area.

The beautiful Hawaii islands of Maui and Kauai have volcanic scenery and hidden waterfalls straight from a Jurassic World movie. To really make your honeymoon stand out, experience a helicopter tour over any of the islands. It’s a once in a life time opportunity you’ll never forget.

Number 5 – Mexico

With just under 30K mentions, Mexico makes it into the top five most Instagrammed honeymoon destinations. Cancun is mentioned in nearly half of the posts, a clear favourite within Mexico for honeymooning couples. The city is famous for its beach parties, but it offers couples plenty of other exciting things to make a honeymoon Insta-worthy, from tours of eco-parks and reef visits, through to taking dinner on a Spanish Galleon Columbus ship at sunset.

Mexico’s white sand beaches, turquoise ocean and unbelievable food make it a fantastic choice for a honeymoon. The welcoming people, the mystical culture and intriguing Mayan history add something a little special to an all-inclusive escape.

Number 4 – Italy

The third European destination to appear in the top ten, Italy has been tagged in over 37K Instagram #honeymoon posts, making it the fifth most popular location. Food and wine, of course, feature heavily in an Italian honeymoon Instagram post, with the spaghetti and pizza emojis popping up as the most, alongside the red wine and clinking (prosecco!) glasses.  The tagged locations within Italy #honeymoon posts vary, with Rome and Venice appearing the most, but Florence and Positano also proving popular. Particularly, Positano beach club is getting more popular.

Gemma Wilson, the Italy travel expert at Kuoni says ““Italy’s landscapes, food and wine are truly incredible. Tasting Chianti in rural Tuscany, eating pizza canal side in Venice, sipping Limoncello on a clifftop in Amalfi… Italy really does offer a variety of backdrops and flavours.”

Number 3 – Thailand

With 38K mentions in #honeymoon posts, Thailand is the third most popular location to Instagram on your post-wedding getaway. Thailand’s rich wildlife is hinted at within the most used emojis in these posts including the tropical fish, signalling the amazing diving reefs, and an elephant emoji, nodding to the elephant sanctuaries and reserves you can visit here.

A stopover in vibrant Bangkok is a must; a buzzing mix of busy night markets, ancient temples and delicious street food – it’s an attack on the senses that needs to be embraced. Afterwards, head to one of the many romantic Thai islands for pure relaxation. Our favourite is Koh Samui with its white sandy beaches and resorts with private villas, it’s the perfect setting to spend some uninterrupted time together.

Number 2 – The Maldives

With a huge 52K mentions in #honeymoon Instagram posts, the Maldives takes the second position for most popular location for a honeymoon. Sunsets, ocean waves, sunshine, exotic fish and cocktails fill up the most used emojis for these islands, which have been the destination choice for a number of famous couples, including Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and Fergie and Josh Duhamel.

Tamara Goodier, the Maldives travel expert at Kuoni St Albans explains what it is about the country which makes it so perfect for a honeymoon for the Instagram generation: ““The Maldives is pure luxury from moment you arrive on your island paradise – it’s our most popular honeymoon destination. Stunning beaches, beautiful coral reefs and a choice of diverse islands – it’s unique. I honeymooned on Baros in an overwater villa with a private pool and it was perfect for our once in a lifetime trip.”

Number 1 – Bali

The most popular location for a honeymoon according to Instagram is Bali, with an impressive 70.6K tags. With tropical rainforests, luxury spas and paradise beaches, Bali provides plenty of Instagram fodder. Couples can embrace a laidback approach, with cocktails around the pool or enjoying beach swings and sunbathing, or create an adventure with jungle treks, surfing and temple visits.

If you are looking to go long haul at this time of year it’s an excellent choice. Many resorts have incredible private pool villas – the Viceroy in Ubud is one of the most beautiful hotels we have ever seen and the scenery from my villa’s pool was breathtaking.

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