Taking a Trip? Why You Should Review Your Travel Insurance Policies Before You Do

It’s hard to ignore the fact that we are in the peak of vacation season. News feeds are filled with photos of vacationers enjoying everything from stunning views to enviable meals. Long weekends are being snatched up to make plans for a little slice of paradise. The first thing on many of our packing lists is our favourite gadgets – smart phones and e-readers, laptops and cameras – with 44% of people taking four or more gadgets with them on holiday! With that being said, it’s important to know your level of coverage in the case that one of yours is lost or stolen.

If you are in an unfamiliar place, losing something as valuable as cell phone is a huge inconvenience, as it often acts as a go-to resource for finding restaurants and shops, calling transportation, and taking photos of your adventures. However there is a great deal of monetary value at stake as well, as 61% of people value the sum of the gadgets they take on holiday at more than £650!

Did you know that according to research from AllClear Travel Insurance, four out of every five people who have had to make a claim for gadgets lost or stolen while on holiday have had that claim rejected or only partially paid? It is important for consumers to take more care in reading the details of their coverage limits before committing to a travel insurance plan, as they otherwise may not know that they aren’t fully covered for reimbursement until it is too late.

Garry Nelson of AllClear said, “Consumers should read the small print and purchase cover that is appropriate to their needs, but our industry also has a duty to be as transparent and informative as possible.” The company explains how customers often don’t notice the single item limit, often between £150 and £200 per item, and lose out on getting full coverage for their missing items that are often very much in excess of that amount. “Although the maximum cover for baggage is often in excess of £1,000, a single item limit can leave holidaymakers frustrated and disappointed if they have to make a claim,” Garry adds. No one wants to have to pay the full price of an item that was unrightfully stolen or lost, so keeping tabs on what your insurance covers is imperative.

While it is good to understand your coverage, it’s also very important to stay aware of your surroundings during travel to lower the chances of one of your gadgets being stolen. Make sure that you know who is nearby you when you are more likely to leave your items sitting out. In addition, it’s good to use your gadgets only when necessary, as not to draw extra attention to the potentially expensive items you have. If you’re walking down an unfamiliar street staring at a map on your cell phone, you could look like an easier target. Do your homework and understand the area as best you can to avoid standing out as looking like a tourist. It’s always better to take an extra step to be safe with your belongings than be sorry later down the line!

In addition, it’s good to take your pricier gadgets with you on your carry-on bag, having them all in one place, rather than leaving them in your checked luggage. If your luggage doesn’t lock, or even if it does, there are high odds that your items could be searched. With your gadgets in your carry-on bag, you want to be sure to keep your bag with you at all times and make sure you watch it go smoothly through security.

If you do end up in the unfortunate situation of having your items lost or stolen, you will be happy to have peace of mind in understanding the level of coverage your travel insurance provides. Although many travelers understand that their baggage is often worth a very high value, almost half (47%) do not know what cover limits are imposed within standard baggage cover.

To learn more about travel insurance and compare quotes for different levels of coverage, visit AllClear Travel Insurance at www.allcleartravel.co.uk.

Amanda Robbins

Amanda Robbins is a blogger for her own site Fashionably Clearance. She has a background in PR and communications, working for a global health nonprofit by day. Amanda adores the perfect blush manicure, long weekends away and getting an unbelievable deal.