Places That Must Be Visited When Traveling in the US

The United States represents a vast land full of attractions that came to be not only by Mother Nature’s accord but also due to the involvement of man’s hand. Many people dream of visiting the land of opportunities as it is referred to often times, but wouldn’t exactly know where to start once arrived.

In this article we are looking at some of the most interesting tourist attractions available in the US for those who finally decide to go on this adventure. It is worth noting however that many countries require a visa before they can enter the US. Those that are passionate about visiting this country will probably want to look in to getting something like an E Visa USA type visa, which can be obtained through ESTA VISA. That being said, here are our top tourist locations.

1. Mount Rushmore

This iconic landmark has been constructed at the start of the 20th century and features the sculptures in stone (in the facet of the mountain itself) of American presidents. The iconic presidents that have been immortalized forever in stone are Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

2. Venice Beach

Venice Beach should be one of the top locations for those that are planning on traveling to Los Angeles. The location welcomes travelers with its beaches and canals, but leaves the main attraction in the hands of the Venice Beach Boardwalk which is another place deeply frequented by tourists. The magic behind this location is assured by the various street performers and merchants that will entertain tourists and offer them deals on various souvenirs as well.

3. Kennedy Space Center

Those interested in human kind’s advancements in space research should definitely go check out the Kennedy Space Center which is the place from where human space missions have been launched since 1968 to this day. Here, visitors can not only learn about the great deeds of the past regarding space travel but also experience what a shuttle launch would be like through the facility’s Shuttle Launch Experience which is designed to provide just that.

4. Navy Pier

While Venice Beach might be the maritime location to be at if in Los Angeles, tourists that end up in Chicago can check out the Navy Pier. Here, visitors can admire Lake Michigan in its fullest as the huge Navy Pier will provide appropriate accommodations right in the middle of the action. The pier is like a mini complex in its own right with souvenir shops and mini parks populating the ship’s real estate.  The pier is also where tourists can find the Chicago Children’s Museum but also theaters and restaurants if they want a bite to eat.

There are far too many locations worth visiting in the United Stated to cram up in just one article, but these are some of the land’s attractions which should definitely be visited if one find themselves in the appropriate area.

Charlotte Giver

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