Heading Away for V-Day? Check Out These Packing Essentials

Cupid is just around the corner, and if you’re lucky your partner may just have something special up their sleeve. No, we aren’t talking a bunch of Tesco roses (even if they are Finest) we’re dreaming of a whirlwind weekend in Rome, a countryside getaway or perhaps a spontaneous trip to Paris.

Ohhh, a few days spent wandering the stylish Parisian streets, sampling the best tasting croissants and strolling by the Eiffel Tower sound positively dreamy, right? By now hopefully you’ve thrown enough hints and will soon be gallivanting off to a new city.

Spur of the moment trips always feel spontaneous, exciting and somewhat thrilling! But be sure you don’t get *too* caught up in the moment, there are a few essentials that you must remember before jetting off to a new destination…

1. Travel Insurance

Never, we repeat *NEVER* leave the country without travel insurance, if you value your health and your possessions then this is an absolute necessity.

Garry Nelson of AllClear, a specialist in travel insurance states that “travel insurance is not always the top of the agenda when planning a romantic getaway” and we agree, just think how many times you’ve simply ‘forgotten’? Ensure your romantic getaway is adequately covered in case of an unfortunate cancellation, theft or damage of baggage or of course issues with your own health.

Ensure you are BOTH covered, travel insurance doesn’t tend to be too expensive but be sure to shop around for the best deals. Look on comparison sites but always be sure to read the small print, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Also make sure that any activities are covered, for example not all insurance companies will automatically cover extreme sports or a bungee jump – so if you’re an adrenaline junkie couple bear this in mind.

Packing any valuables? It’s important to ensure that your baggage is adequately covered in your insurance policy. Expensive items such as a MacBook, camera and iPad may not all be included so be sure to find this out and adjust where necessary. And one final piece of advice? Declare everything! Don’t get caught out, make sure you declare all of your previous medical history to insurers, even down to asthma!

2. Plug Adaptors

Just imagine landing in Paris or Rome to find that you’ve forgotten a plug adaptor to charge your phone! How could you possibly spend the weekend in such a beautiful city without updating to Instagram?! Ensure you pack at least two so you can charge up your phone, camera, iPad as well as using your straighteners and other essentials. You can always buy these at the airport if you forget but be prepared to face a mighty price increase. Don’t find yourself out of pocket or out of battery and be sure to pick a couple up before your trip.

3. A Pair of Trainers

Whilst those heels may look glam, you’ll be crying out for a pair of comfortable trainers by around 11.30am. City breaks equal a LOT of exploring and walking around, usually at least double than what you had in mind. You’ll probably find yourself lost at least six times, so be sure to pack with this in mind. Comfort sometimes has to come over style (god we hate being sensible), and you don’t want to have to spend the weekend dealing with blisters and poorly feet. Ditch the heels in favour of a pair of Nikes, your mum will be so proud!

4. Hand Sanitiser

See, we told you we were being sensible! Lets talk germs. There are a lot of them, especially floating around cities and just think about how many germ infested contact points you’ll touch in a day? From bannisters, to doors and public toilets, yep this can be pretty grim. Ensure your health remains in tip-top condition with a purse size hand sanitiser to keep those mitts clean and germ free.

5. A Cross-Body Bag

You don’t want to spend the day lugging around a heavy tote bag, so instead, be sure to pack a lightweight cross-body bag that will fit all of your essentials. From credit cards, to cash and of course a lippie! Try to pack a style featuring a top zip as not to welcome any pickpockets. Theft in major cities is always rife so ensure you keep your phone and other valuable in zip compartments as to avoid any loss – although that’s where the travel insurance comes in handy!

Here’s to hoping a fun-filled Valentines day trip is just around the corner for you! Try not to get too caught up in the whirlwind and remember all of your essentials, that way your trip should get off the ground without a hitch.

Tilly-Jayne Kidman

Tilly is a graduate in fashion marketing and currently works in social media. She writes for various publications including the Huffington Post as well as her own fashion and lifestyle blog tillyjayne.com. In her spare time she's usually wandering around her home city of Cambridge, making travel plans or finding a new restaurant to try out.