Winter Wonderlust – 5 of the Best Road Trips Ever!

Winter wonderlust – 5 of the best road trips ever!

5 of the best road trips ever

Stuck for inspiration? Longing to escape? If the winter in a city is getting to you, how about a little mini-escape to make the stress of the work week melt away.

Road trips are the ideal vacation for a lot of people as they offer the absolute freedom to let you do just as you please, explore new epic destinations and take in the beautiful sights you wish to see along the way; as long as it is well planned, a road trip needn’t be too costly, so it can be ideal for those who have a limited budget. These life-affirming moments are what makes learning to drive so important and, ultimately rewarding.

Before you’re cruisin’ down that open road with your gal pals or lover boy, windows down and your favourite tunes playing, be sure you’ve packed the essentials: a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, a meal kit, your cowboy hat (of course!), at least one maxi dress, flats, bottle opener, a handful of snacks and a diet coke. And don’t forget about checking your tyres! You can do so with Tyre-Shopper. Easy and affordable!

These five destinations should inspire you to get behind the wheel for your next vacation on the road…

1. Oregon Coast

With plenty of open roads to explore, it’s perhaps not surprising that road trips are still widely favoured in the United States but with more than 50 states to visit, it can be difficult to decide where to start.

However, in a recent survey, Oregon was voted the best state for a road trip in the US(!), and there are plenty of good reasons for this. Oregon rates well for road safety and for the costs of driving. There is plenty to do and see as well in this underrated gem of a state.

For instance, if you are driving along Oregon coast, you’ll have the opportunity to visit numerous seaside towns and you’ll get to experience some of the finest seafood around.

2. Great Alpine Stretch, Australia

Drive Australia has named the Great Alpine Stretch in Benalla as one of the country’s best road trips, largely due to the beautiful scenery there is along the way. The journey can be enjoyed whatever the season; in the warmer months drivers will experience the wildflowers in their full bloom, while in the colder months the already striking scenery is often coated in snow.

There’s also ski fields to visit for those that like to indulge in winter sports, and there’s a number of lakes and parks to view as well.

3. Yorkshire Moors, UK

Road trips are often thought of as an American thing (Los Angeles down to San Diego and a weekend in Vegas, anyone?), but there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to explore in the UK as well; one of our favourite road trip in the UK is the Yorkshire Moors. Travelling along the A1079 will take you past some of the most breath-taking scenery the UK has to offer, and you’ll find ample stop off points, too. York Minster, Castle Howard and Whitby’s Dracula Trail are just some of the highlights.

4. Romantic Road, Germany

Measuring more than 260 miles, the Romantic Road in Germany takes an intrepid traveller through the heart of Bavaria. Along it are beautiful vineyards, acres of countryside and a number of spectacular churches. Neuschwanstein Castle – the inspiration for Walt Disney – and, of course, the Alps will leave you reaching for your camera.

5. Atlantic Road, Norway

Finally, the Atlantic Road in Norway was once named as one of the best road trips in the world. Known for its scenic views, the eight kilometre route passes through picturesque scenery, and the architecture of the area is also a remarkable slice of Scandinavian life. Tourists might even catch a glimpse of the whales and other sea mammals that reside in the nearby sea to make for an unforgettable holiday.

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