5 Reasons You Should Visit Sweden In Winter

5 reasons you should visit Sweden in winter

Why you should visit Sweden in the winter

There are countries that unveil their true colours in a particular season, revealing their best kept secrets to daring eyes looking for unique experiences. Sweden in winter is one of a kind. A territory where towns, cities and lands merge covered in shiny tender snow that discloses unexpected visions.

There are many reasons why you should visit Sweden in winter. Do not miss the five reasons we’ve listed here, and let your senses drive you to discover even more of the Swedish treasures.

The ethereal northern lights in SwedenBe charmed by the ethereal northern lights

Aurora Borealis are an once-in-a-lifetime breathtaking experience that only winters can offer. Fill up your eyes with unbelievable streams of colours floating in the starry sky. Abisko National Park, lying at the highest latitudes of the Swedish territory, will put you face to face with this spectacle.

Row, row, row your kayak gently down Gothenburg’s canals

Who said that kayaking is a summer experience? If you decide to stay in Gothenburg, experience it in a different way, by paddling your kayak on Gothenburg canals. Your new urban discoveries, unfolded by an unexpected point of view, will only be paralleled by the not so far Archipelago of Gothenburg, where the canals inevitably lead you. Here, where the sea wins over the land, you can linger over the city’s skyline.

dog sledding in SwedenSwift over the swedish land on a dog sled

Originally a hunting vehicle for local people, dog-sledding is one of the most famous tourist winter activities in Sweden. Indulge in infinite white landscapes and wind through magic forests, sliding over ice or soft snow for an experience drenched in nature. Best places for it is the Kiruna region or Hovfjället in central Sweden.

Indulge at icy Vänern Lake, the largest lake in Sweden

This immense expanse of water, the largest in the EU, stage of the 6th century “Battle on the Ice” as recorded in the Norse Sagas, lies tranquil a few miles north of Gothenburg. Do not miss the village of Trollhättan and Trollhättan falls, where majestic waterfalls and dense forests will make you feel like you are in a natural paradise. You might even spot a moose in the forestry areas.

Put on your snowshoes and hike around Lake Vättern

There is nothing like walking around to get the real feel of what Swedish landscapes have to offer. Trails around Lake Vättern, the second largest lake in the country, stretching east of Gothenburg, are the perfect trail for a refreshing walk. And if winter gets very cold, you could also have the opportunity to skate on a natural skating rink, the lake itself!

This article was originally published on riverton.se