Quick Eating In New York City

Quick eating in New York City

Quick eating in New York City

Here at Your Coffee Break, we’ve got jet-setting and road-tripping on our minds and when abroad, it is an accepted rule that we can indulge ourselves in a manner we never would back at home and not feel guilty about it. No one will begrudge you a lavish dish of moules frites when in Marseille, another bottle of Verdicchio when reclining on the Cinque Terra or splurging far more than necessary in the boutiques of Milan.

Likewise, when in New York City, though we all love to preach the virtues of juice cleanses when at home, one should be encouraged to sample the fast food that the city has to offer, for it is undoubtedly the best fast food in the world.

The street food of New York is as much part of the city’s character as yellow cabs and Sex and the City and following a trail lined with corn dogs and frankfurters, one can explore the city both past and present.

If you are a UK resident planning to jet off on a trip to the US, ensure that you are aware of all the relevant entry requirements for the States, who can be infamously strict at border control. There is nothing less chic than being shaken down by immigration and unfortunately a cute outfit and fluttering of the lashes won’t really help the situation. Trust us, it really wont! If you’re thoroughly infatuated with the big city this site here offers the chance for applicants to win a Green Card into the US, literally the visa equivalent of gold dust. Though Brits aren’t eligible to enter the competition, there is still plenty of information available to ensure you aren’t caught out regarding visa requirements. We can assure you that the best food, fast or not, will not be found at JFK Airport.

Bagel Buffet - a classic New York deli

Imagining that you arrive in Manhattan in the morning, you must first find yourself a large coffee and fresh bagel spot, which, at their best, smell as good as any boulangerie to be found on the French Riviera.

The Bagel is perhaps the most famous New York delicacy, as likely to be found between the boutiques of NoLiTa as in the backstreets of Queens. One of our top recommendations would be 406 6th Avenue in Manhattan; where you’ll find Bagel Buffet, a classic New York deli with cold meats hanging from the ceiling, flavoured cream cheese on the counter and the sweet scent of onion bagels wafting through the air.

Zucker’s Bagels New York CityJoints like this are as ‘New York’ as the bagel itself. Thought to have been invented in Poland, the humble bagel spread across Europe (cropping up as the ‘beigals’ of Brick Lane and ‘Beugels’ of Austria) before making its way to the New World. Zucker’s Bagels is one of the more celebrated bagel bakers in the city today and sits proudly in Midtown amongst other American stalwarts such as the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station.

Though a bagel will be sufficient for breakfast, presumably after a day of sightseeing (*ahem* shopping on 5th Avenue) you will need something more substantial for lunch. Carrying all those bags works up quite an appetite after all. Brooklyn is the booming borough of New York and currently the hippest part of town. Between kooky art galleries and indie cappuccinos, make your way over to David’s Bricket House or Jay & Lloyd’s Kosher Deli, offering the juiciest pastrami sandwiches in the city.

Like the Bagel pastrami originated in Europe, coming from the Turkish word for salted beef ‘pastrima’. Reportedly brought to NYC by Sussman Volk in 1877, it is said that the recipe was given to her for safe keeping by a Romanian friend, in exchange for watching over her possessions while she returned to Europe. Thankfully for us the recipe slipped out of Sussman’s hands and is now part of the establishment in New York. Today heated debate continues over the relative virtues of mustard against Russian dressing.

A visit to the MoMA and a stroll along ‘The Great White Way’ is in order next. After an evening performance of Guys and Dolls, forego the quasi-speakeasies and penthouse bars of the Upper East Side. Instead, make your way over to The Donut Pub located on 7th Avenue, decorated in the style of a 60s diner and open 24/7.

If when you leave The Donut Pub the night is still young – indeed, in New York it always is – nip along to Holey Cream on 9th Avenue and, if you are after something more indulgent, we recommend the Ice Cream Donut Sandwich.

No need to feel guilty, it’s all a part of soaking up the American culture after all.

Lauren Hannmann

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