There’s Still Time For A Vacation!

There’s still time for a vacation!

Time has been flying by like a whirlwind lately so we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t had the chance to really take that vacation yet (working trips don’t count!). Luckily, it’s still summer and you still have the opportunity to get out of town if only for a week or a long weekend. Do you feel it’s time to plan that vacation, we suggest you read further:

You’ve probably read about our recent travel adventures to Malaysia and our relaxing weekend getaway in Kingston. Yes, we were spoiled! However, sometimes a gal just need a dose of white beaches and pina coladas to get away from the hectic life that is London. London is a magical city but there are still some things that this city just doesn’t have to offer. We’re talking about the hot summer sun perfect for bikini weather, white beaches and turquoise waters. When researching Croatian holidays on Zoover, we almost bought our tickets there and then!

Croatia is the ultimate Mediterranean dream and its main tourist attraction is, and always has been, its gorgeous beaches. With miles of pure and beautifully preserved seaside with dozens of islands to visit, its turquoise waters and white-pebbled beaches under the blazing sun are endless for your enjoyment. These sunset sand strips show the true essence of Ibiza party spirit with locals and tourists flocking to nearby clubs, restaurants and bars—perfect for family holidays, weekend getaways, and honeymooners!

Here at Your Coffee Break, we’re always dreaming of luxury destinations, vacation spots and trips to exotic locations to soak up the sun and soak in the food, history, and culture! Whether it’s a romantic castle-hotel in Italy, a superb bungalow in Spain, a beach house in Australia, or a campsite in Yellowstone National Park—Zoover is our go-to site when it comes to searching for the next hot destination and has you sorted for whatever you’re in the mood for in any location!

If you didn’t already know, Zoover is operated by Webassets B.V. and coincidentally is the biggest go-to portal for hotel and holiday ratings. At Zoover, you can find holiday reviews written by travelers for travelers. You will also find reviews of destinations, points of interest and accommodations including hotels, apartments, campsites, holiday parks, bed & breakfasts, cruise ships, holiday homes and more. And what’s even better is that you can find pictures, videos, tips, questions and answers about your favourite destinations, accommodations and points of interest! Such questions may include something like “Paros vs Naxos: Which Island Is Best?“. We always keep an eye on the trusty “Top of the week” and weary “Flop of the week” with 1-10 point ratings and the latest reviews.

At Zoover, you can easily book your airline tickets and hotel reservations; all are available right on the homepage. And if you’re looking for a hotel with the best price/quality in a certain city, this can be found on Zoover. What’s more? As we can never trust the weatherman here in London, the trusty weatherman at Zoover keeps us updated with two-week weather forecasts covering every possible holiday destination in the world.

Get ready to pack your bag, it’s vacation time!

Maren Lindsay Newman

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