Sick of Seeing Your Ex on Social Media?

It’s got to be one of life’s biggest annoyances. You’re happily doom-scrolling and all of a sudden you see your Ex pop up on social media – Digital Agency Reboot understands this and has launched a new service that will remove your Ex’s presence from all online platforms in one fail swoop. No more seeing their profile on your Netflix, their breakup playlist on your Spotify or worse your ex-mother-in-law on your suggested friends. Launched just in time for Valentine’s Day!

In a digital era, nothing spells heartache like an unexpected Facebook memory dredging up moments with an ex. 

You may have moved on emotionally from your last relationship, however, your digital presence may be holding onto the past – Digital PR Agency Reboot are here to clean up your technological heartaches with the launch of their Ex-IT service.

Reboot will use their SEO expertise to remove your ex’s presence across all platforms, from deleting their address from your Deliveroo profile; removing them from your Spotify so you don’t have to hear their breakup playlist, or (worst of all) stumble across your ex-mother-in-law as a suggested follow on Instagram. How genius, no?

What’s more, Reboot will scour the internet to ensure you never see your ex’s name (or their mums/ dads/ dogs) pop up on your screen again. 

Of course, this service not only keeps your ex from coming across your virtual path, but it also keeps you from straying into theirs. 5.1 million UK employees admit to stalking their exes from time to time on social media, which can prevent us from moving on. 

Callisto Adams, Certified Dating & Relationships Expert commented on the importance of removing all ties with an ex-partner: “When you keep your ex on your social media, you’re only hurting yourself—you’re making forgetting them harder, if not, impossible.

You’re stuck in a limbo of sorts, reliving the same memories over and over again while your ex is out there living their best life…it’s just unfair.

Couples who break up, do it for a reason, and I’ve noticed that most people forget the fact. Things won’t change even if you continue to follow your ex on social media or refuse to throw away the gifts they gave you.

It’s hard, I know. People spend years cultivating a loving relationship, and you’re absolutely allowed to grieve its loss, but surrounding yourself with things that remind you of your ex-partner is only hurting you and constantly causing you to take a step back.”

Naomi Aharony, managing director at Reboot said: “Breaking up is tough, but letting go of digital ties should be straightforward. Reboot’s Ex-IT service isn’t just SEO expertise; it’s data-driven liberation. We’re erasing the traces of past relationships from your digital footprint, giving you a clean slate online. No more unintentional encounters or awkward reminders – just a precise, data-focused breakup.”

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Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.