Why Being Single Over 60 is Not a Verdict and How to Get the Most of it

Singles over 60 — is there any reason to start dating? 

They say there is no fun getting older. Many people in their golden age could disagree and they would be right! There are both benefits and drawbacks at any age. Unfortunately, we can become single at any period of our lives, as well. 

Plenty of singles over 60 are actively dating their peers or even younger people. If they can, why do you think you cannot afford it? Let’s know whether there is any reason to start dating again when turning 60 and how you, actually, can do that. The information below will be helpful for all elderlies who deprive themselves of a chance to be happy again.

The most convincing reasons to date over 60

The first and foremost reason to date for mature singles is that life is going on. Our needs may change a bit throughout life but they do not go anywhere. When not having a partner by your side, your basic needs are simply not met. You are not complete without experiencing these emotions. Experts distinguish the core benefits of dating over 60.

It makes you live longer – When dating in your golden age and having regular sexual relationships, people prolong their lives and improve their health. Regular sex increases the level of endorphins no matter how old you are. It directly results in extra years of life.

Your basic needs are met – Both men and women have their basic needs. They are a bit different but only when dating and having a relationship, can we meet those needs. Ladies, for instance, need to be protected. Men must take care of and protect someone. When living alone for a long time, these needs are not met.

You feel and look younger – Yes, once you have a relationship, people around you notice positive changes. The compliments will crumble. You hear that you look much younger and vigorous. This proves the positive effects of dating in your 60s.

You have a partner in all crimes – Doing everything together is much more fun. When having a decent partner, you can travel, attend various events, clubs of interests, walk, have picnics, etc. together and enjoy all of your activities more.

The do’s of dating over 60

Although it may be difficult to start dating again, everything is just in your head. All reasons you created are only your fear of changes. Many people in their 60s cannot date just because they forgot how to do it and do not want to change anything in their lives. Here are the things you should allow yourself and even consider:

  • Be open to new acquaintances even if they are just a cup of coffee;
  • Remain open to the age difference;
  • Take trips as often as you can even if they are not for a large distance — weekend travels bring a lot of surprises;
  • Consider dating sites for singles over 60 — you will be surprised by how many people in your age group are looking for someone;
  • Go out as often as possible either with your friends or alone. 

The don’ts of senior dating

There are plenty of things to do when you are over 60 and single, as well as there is a whole selection of things you should avoid by all means. When not dating for some time, you may lose your knack. This is the best ground to make tons of mistakes. Here are the mistakes to be aware of before you start dating after turning 60.

  1. Don’t compare them to your ex

All singles over 60 have certain baggage under their belts. One of the mistakes is comparing all potential partners to their ex-partners, especially when widowed. This is not right. You will never find anyone similar to your spouse or the love of your life. Moreover, you should not do that. There is no need to have someone who would have the same qualities.

Be open to something totally new. Every person is unique and there is no need to compare anyone. We are sure your ex spouse is or was wonderful but let your new potential partner also show what he or she is worth. 

  1. Don’t pick a dating site for dating over 60 carelessly 

Do not jump into things too quickly. The choice of a suitable dating site for over 60 is not less important than the rest of the things. Choose a site that meets your needs — for instance, where you can meet plenty of people of your age. If there are only 20-30-y.o. users, you have nothing to do there. 

It would be good to choose something reputable. There is no need to sign up for doubtful dating apps. Spend some time reading the reviews on the Internet, see whether the testimonials are good, etc. The aim of the dating site is to give you a chance to meet a potential date. If this need cannot be met, you should avoid such a platform.

When using different websites for singles over 60, be sure not to consider each person contacting you as your potential match. Be selective. Yes, you need to be open about communication and give a chance to everyone but there is no hurry. Get to know them well. Do not hurry to give your personal information to the first person you meet.

Always appoint a meeting in a public place. You do not know the true intentions of those people. Take your time to learn more about them. Although we advised you to be open about the age difference, you should not go too far. If you keep receiving messages from very young people on dating sites for singles over 60, don’t think you look too young. Be realistic, their thoughts may not be as pure as you think. 

  1. Don’t hurry anywhere

Being single after 60 isn’t a big deal. You can still meet your soulmate. However, it may never happen. Just enjoy the process. Go on dates, meet different people, gain new experiences, and maybe even new skills. Your goal is not to get married again (if there is a chance, why not though) but to date!

Go out, travel, go hiking, join the club of interests, hang out with your friends — all these are natural activities that must be present in the lives of all people regardless of their age. You have plenty of time. The process is more important so do not try to pursue the result. If you are a proficient online user, try Sofiadate or any other dating website where you can meet a few decent partners. 

Being a mature single is not a verdict! It is up to you whether you want to be locked at home for the rest of your life or feel the vibes of it again. Dating after turning 60 is great. Even if you do not marry again, you will gain a new unbelievable experience! 

Brenda Kimble

Brenda Kimble is an entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family.