4 Ideas to Help You Convince Your Partner to Move Abroad Together 

Moving abroad is a big decision to make. Often, though, it’s not one that’s made alone. 

Sometimes a partner or spouse needs to be convinced that the move is a good idea. Compromise needs to occur in all corners, as both parties say goodbye to dear loved ones and locations in favour of a new life. 

That said because couples can argue for all sorts of stupid reasons, doing something like agreeing to move abroad can be an enormously tall order. It can take a miracle for the stars to align here – or just some choice persuasive techniques to bring them around! 

Without further adieu, here are 4 ideas that might help you convince your partner to move abroad.

Take a Holiday

It’s much easier to envision a life in a new place if time has been spent there already. Taking a holiday is the first thing you should do, long before you make a suggestion of moving abroad. 

Do everything during these trips. Go on adventures, sample the cuisine, and enrich your lives with different languages and cultures. Enrich your partner’s appetite for the new and exotic. After that, when you suggest moving abroad, they won’t need to use their imagination to get on your wavelength; they’ll use their memory. 

Try to pack light as you visit these places too. That way, they won’t associate the holiday with large amounts of logistical faff or the heavy lifting of suitcases. If they do, they may assume the moving abroad process is a similar ordeal but dialled to eleven. Move around freely and have minimal responsibilities. It’s unrealistic to expect moving abroad to be the same, but it could still be a feather in your cap of persuasiveness. 

Browse Property Sites

Browsing a property site will be a more effective process once the holiday experiences are vivid in the soul and mind. You’ll both be contending with tangible possibilities instead of vague pipedreams. 

For example, PropertyGuru can help you buy property in Malaysia and elsewhere. Browse a diverse range of thousands of abodes that would appeal to many different kinds of potential buyers. Be confident that something there will resonate with your partner, not just aesthetically but also realistically. Use the drop-down menu to set your ideal price range for better results. 

Go through this process together. Weigh the pros and cons of each listing, make enquiries directly, and shortlist properties of entries to you both. That way, you can both gradually become more invested in the process, bounce of each other’s ideas and takes, and ultimately better your arts of persuasion. 

Hold Up a Mirror

The appeal of a faraway place can really shine when everywhere nearby looks terrible. Even something as simple as switching on the news at dinner time can likely help your cause here. 

After all, it’s not understating things to say that things haven’t been going well in the UK lately. The economy has taken numerous hits, painful losses have been felt everywhere, and the cost of living is soon to shoot up. From fuel and prices to the spread of the coronavirus, bitter failures are felt anywhere, and no amount of patriotism can counterbalance them. 

However, there are corners of the world that are mostly untouched by the grim picture often seen in the UK. Moving to one of these locations could bring peace and quiet, as well as the confidence that you’ll both share a prosperous future. You’d be taking back control of your lives as a duo and courting destiny together. These profound notions can add a lot of mileage to your relationship too. 

Of course, you can always return to your home country for birthdays, weddings, and festive holidays. A reminder that it’s not a cheerio to the UK, but more a Toodle pip, could help your pitch seem more favourable to follow. 

Avoid Ultimatums 

Television shows would have you believe that one needs to make a grand statement about moving elsewhere and that your partner can either join you or consider the relationship over. Of course, the stakes don’t need to be as high (or frankly cliché) like this. 

Get to a place where you concur instead of attempting to force people’s hands. If they’re not on board, consider that they may change their stance the next day or the day after instead of losing your temper. Nothing is final in the property arena, and some people just need to sit on ideas for a spell. 

Nobody wants to be around someone desperate and deceitful. Recognise that convincing your partner may be an uphill battle and a process. The decision needs to benefit both of you, and if it doesn’t, you should revisit the drawing board to see how you change that. Make your case calmly, acknowledge their concerns, and be as respectful as you know how to be throughout.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.