Things You Didn’t Know About Hosting a Wedding at Home

Hosting a wedding is one of the most exciting things you can do. Hosting it at home makes the wedding more intimate, bringing all your loved ones under your roof.

There is always a great feeling that comes with being somewhere familiar when you make your wedding vows. Unlike a professional wedding venue, homes aren’t ready to go when it comes to hosting a wedding. There are a lot more things to consider when the wedding will be hosted somewhere that wasn’t built for a wedding. Here are a few things that may be helpful when it comes to hosting a wedding at home.

Consider your space

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Space will likely be your biggest question when you are hosting your wedding at home. The more guests you are planning to have at your wedding, the more space you will need. Fitting guests in your home will be largely limited by the amount of space you have. Unless you have a large mansion with ample land, then you will want to keep the guest list small. You can however create more space by doing a home remodel. A home remodel will open up new possibilities in your home including creating space where there didn’t seem to be any. You also get the added benefit of making the intended venue more appealing for the big day.

Your home will become busier

Get ready for your home to become busier once you have decided to host the wedding there. There will be tons of visitors, usually vendors who will want to check out the house to know how their service will fit into your home. At some point, the decorators will also need access to the house to set up for the wedding. The more services the wedding will require, the busier your home will get. Depending on the kind of family you have, you may find that a personal guest may even choose to stay over with you. You may even want to stay somewhere else for the duration of the wedding planning until the ceremony is over.

Officiants may pose a challenge

Whether you like it or not, you will need a minister to officiate the event. While it is possible to have anyone ordained and have them officiate, ministers provide a certain legitimacy that no substitute can. The major problem here is that some ministers may not be on board with having a wedding at home. Most ministers prefer to officiate weddings in a church or some religious setting. The idea of hosting the wedding at home may cause them to back out or demand changes to be made before they proceed to officiate the ceremony.

A port-a-potty will be necessary

A porta potty or portable toilet rental you can rent from toilet rental services is very useful for events and weddings. When you have chosen to host your wedding at home, then you will be needing a few port-a-potties and portable bathroom rentals at the very least. Consider a luxury bathroom trailer instead of a porta potty for your event. No matter how large your home is and how many bathrooms you may have, it won’t be enough for a wedding. No one wants to have a wedding where guests have to queue to use the bathroom. The more guests you will be having, the more port-a-potty units you will be needing at the wedding. Thankfully, there are many attractive port-a-potty units that you can rent, so you won’t have to worry about their appearance at your event.  

Legal requirements

When it comes to having an event  with a certain number of guests, there may be legalities to be sorted. Whether it’s a party or a wedding, the state will have rules governing large gatherings, especially once certain number limits are met. The rules may be flexible and won’t require too much from you, but you need to verify before proceeding to host the wedding at home. You will need to visit your local offices that handle permits, discuss the guests, music, feeding, parking, and many more. Without this, you run the risk of having your beautiful day ruined by the authorities shutting down the wedding.


It is always a great idea to have your wedding in your home. While your home may not be anywhere close to ready to host a wedding, that could easily be rectified. With proper planning and a few changes to your house, it could soon be the venue of your dreams and the ideal location for a wedding.

Peter Palladino

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