Common Finance Mistakes in Relationships

Managing your own finances can be tricky enough and many people struggle with personal finance as it is usually something that people have to teach themselves and you will find more information in this post for increase your financial knowledge. This also means that things can get messy and stressful when it comes to managing finances as a couple, especially if your partner does not have the greatest habits when it comes to money.

So, what are a few of the main mistakes that couples make when it comes to money?

Avoiding the Money Talk

The most common mistake that couples make in regards to money is a lack of communication. This can not only lead to financial difficulties that could have been avoided, but it can also fracture the relationship and often money is what causes couples to split. This is why you must always have open communication about money, including income and outgoings, financial goals, debt and other important issues.

Neglecting Long-Term Planning

Another common mistake that both couples and individuals make is neglecting long-term planning. This is understandable when it is hard to make ends meet, but the earlier that you start planning ahead, the easier it becomes. It is a good idea to discuss long-term goals and then find the best ways to achieve this, such as speaking to financial planning specialists.

Financial Infidelity

Being dishonest about money issues, such as hiding debt or lying about making purchases, is another major and very serious money mistake that couples make. This can cause money issues within the relationship, but more seriously it can cause serious distrust which can affect other areas of the relationship. This is why it is so important to be honest and to communicate often about money (see point 1). 

Separate Finances

How a couple goes about managing their finances is up to them, but keeping completely separate finances is often a mistake. Ultimately, you should see yourself as a team, but this is hard to do when couples do not merge at least part of their finances together and set long-term goals that you can both work towards. Salary disparity is usually the reason for separating finances, but this can create further issues so it is best to work together and to work out a fair system.

Lack of Budgeting

Without a household budget in place, spending can get out of control and lead to money issues. This is why couples need to create a budget that will help them to manage their spending, get a clear overview of their joint financial health and find ways to make savings each month.

These are the most common financial mistakes that couples make, which can cause further issues in the relationship. Fortunately, these are easy to avoid when you work together as a team to achieve your financial goals.

Sophia Anderson

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