5 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Many of us dread this moment: there’s a special occasion coming up, like an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. All of a sudden, it turns out that you’re out of ideas for a gift that you can give to your significant other. You’re running out of time – but not out of options!

In this article, we prepared a list of 5 unique gifts that your partner could enjoy. Forget about flowers, gift cards, or heart-shaped picture frames. These gifts are special and have the potential to show your partner that you’re able to think outside the box. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Sex Toys

Another language most couples will relate to. Physical touch in any form of cuddling, kissing, sex, tickling, holding hands, resting your head on their shoulder, showing in public you love them by holding them beside you, etc. Give your cuddly bear more of this love and feel the affection as the energy flows from your touch. And for the present, why not head to a Sex Shop Soho (or similar shop near you) to find a few toys you think they might enjoy. You could even book a room and decorate it with roses, balloons and your pictures.

Maybe you didn’t expect this idea to make the cut, but you’d be surprised how effectively sex toys can spice up your relationship! Having a great sex life is an important part of every relationship, and boredom can be detrimental even to the most passionate couples so going to sites like the fetish store can be great to spice up any relationship.

If this sounds too familiar to you, it’s time for a change. After all, sex toys are specifically designed to help you and your partner achieve pleasure. With so many models, types, shapes, and sizes, why not try some of them out?

A Romantic Getaway

It’s easy to fall into a routine if you’re always in the same city, doing the same things every day. Day in and day out, your activities as a couple don’t change. After some time, the boredom is more than likely to set in, and you’ll forget what was so exciting about being with your significant other in the first place. 

A quick trip outside of town for just the two of you might do the trick. If you feel like the spark in your relationship is about to waste away, don’t wait! Book a nice hotel for a couple of days, or even just for a weekend. Don’t tell your partner where you’re taking them (just make sure they don’t have any important plans and obligations to fulfill). Then, spend a blissful couple of days with your partner only, and enjoy their company without thinking about work or family members. Do it once, and you’ll want to repeat it every now and then!

A Couple’s Journal

Giving your loved one a couple’s journal is a perfect way to make them open up more. If your partner is more on the quieter side and expresses their feelings reluctantly, having a place to write down their feelings can really help them out.

In a journal you can write messages to each other, leave love notes, answer intimate questions, or make secret plans. And the best thing comes later when you sit down and read together what you wrote during the span of a couple of months. Not only is it a great way to bring you closer, but also to document your life as a couple.

Personalized Star Chart

If your partner is interested in the cosmos, space, and the universe, and they can’t imagine a perfect date night without going to a quiet part of town and stargazing together, you’re in for a real treat. Go on a date and enjoy yourselves; make sure the date is memorable, and feel free to shower your significant other with other gifts. Then, don’t forget about the most important part – stargazing. Take your cosmic lover to a place where you can watch the night sky and look for shooting stars. Then, order a personalized star chart – pick the right date, and you’ll have the same constellations printed on a piece of paper or, if you don’t mind spending more money, on wood. It’s a unique and esthetically pleasing gift – you can hang it in your bedroom to remind you of a great day you spent together.

A Couple’s Necklace

This idea may not exactly be new, but you can put a truly unique spin on it. Pick a necklace that, when combined, makes a whole – be it a heart, a yin yang symbol, or anything else you can possibly find. However, choose a material and style that’s truly unique. You’ll be surprised how many options you have to choose from, from industrial necklaces made of shiny metal to geometric ones made of stones such as crystal or obsidian. With matching necklaces, you’ll feel as complete as never before.

The Bottom Line

Getting a perfect gift for your significant other is no easy feat. However, we hope that some ideas mentioned above gave you enough inspiration to surprise your loved one with a truly unique present. Remember that it’s you who knows your partner best, and a well-thought gift will show how much you appreciate that special person in your life and their happiness will be the best reward for your efforts. Such small gestures will make your relationship stronger and your flame of love ever-burning. Good luck with your gift-hunting!

Julia Łysakowska

Julia Łysakowska is a freelance writer and a psychology enthusiast. For many of her friends, she’s a go-to person when it comes to relationship advice. Her empathy and creative approach saved many dates and anniversary dinners.