Top 9 Most Common Reasons for Divorce in the UK

New research has found that 33% of women in relationships would not be financially stable if their relationship ended tomorrow. The research carried out by Fidelity International family lawyers shines light on divorce and separation in the country, urging couples to ensure that they have agreed plans in place in the event the relationship would end which can be sorted with the help of the lawyers helping people who are facing a divorce. Women aged between 55-64 years old – approaching retirement age – were most likely to be financially vulnerable in the event of a break up. However, 35-44 year olds and of those aged 45-54 years old also admitted that they would be financially unstable if their relationship ended tomorrow. Given the average age that women get divorced is 43.9 years old, this means a significant number are exposed. 

The fact that so many women wouldn’t be able to cope financially without their partner is frightening. This even affects the lawyers help for adoption. As a result, we wanted to take a closer look at the reasons for divorce in the UK.


One of the reasons for divorce is extra-marital affairs. This is the most common, and the most heartbreaking reason. There really is no room for cheating in marriage. Resentment and anger are the common reasons that can lead to cheating on your partner. It has been found that in many cases, infidelity often starts from a friendship and later becomes an affair. If your partner is cheating and you want to end your marriage, then an expert cheating and divorce solicitor can help you.


Well… money looks like a stupid reason for ruining love, right? But it is indeed a reason for divorce. Several studies prove that lack of financial compatibility is causing couples to separate. Maybe the partner cannot satisfy the spending habits of the other partner? The spouse may be making more money than the other and as result leading a more excessive lifestyle. In each of these cases, it can strain a marriage to the breaking point. Money impacts the lives of people and can impact a relationship too.

Lack of Communication

Communication is utterly important in a relationship. Lack of communication can cause frustration and resentment for both. The foundation of a strong marriage is good communication. Relationships cannot work out by yelling at your spouse and not talking throughout the day. So, focus on mindful communication with your partner to improve your relationship.


Having the same argument over and over again is also a cause of divorce. Sometimes a person just cannot see the other person’s point of view. It leads to dragged out arguments rather than coming to a resolution, which in turn can lead to divorce.

Weight Gain

You will think that how someone can leave its partner just because he or she has gain weight. It may seem odd and utterly shallow but it is the bitter truth. Weight gain can lead to cause divorce because it makes you less attractive to your partner.

Lack of Intimacy

Another thing that can contribute to divorce is struggling to feel connected. It can quickly ruin your marriage as it makes couples feel as they are living with a stranger. It can happen from a lack of emotional or physical intimacy. Another reason is ignoring the sexual needs of your partner.

Lack of Equality

Another common cause of divorce is the lack of equality in the relationship. When one partner feels he or she is stepping up and taking on more responsibility than the other in the marriage, it alters the view of the partner and leads to resentment.

Not Prepared for Marriage

When a partner blames the other partner for not being prepared for married life can lead to a broken relationship. Most people get divorced in the a younger age due to a lack of preparation.


Perhaps shockingly, emotional or physical abuse is another common reality for some couples. No matter what is the reason one should never tolerate abuse and should remove themselves safely from the relationship straight away!

For women who are concerned about their financial future in the event of a divorce, saving as early as possible is key. While you may have joint accounts for big savings goals, such as buying a house, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your own individual account too, so you can put money away for your future. Small amounts can make a big difference. Indeed, previous research has found that just by saving 1% extra of your salary into your workplace pension each month, a woman could close the gender pension gap by the time they get to retirement age.

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