5 Simple Ways To Reignite Your Relationship

5 simple ways to reignite your relationship

5 simple ways to reignite your relationship

Romance: that butterfly feeling and those grand gestures that made you feel so special at the beginning of your relationship. Indifference: that neither here nor there feeling you might now use to describe the post-honeymoon-period phase. The only positive that can come from this? If and when you suddenly reignite the romance, the sheer surprise will make any gesture seem all the more romantic.

The only trouble is, it’s been way too long since you’ve had to engage your brain in this way. Writing a press release? Easy. Figuring out how to keep both your boss and a demanding client happy? No problem. Coming up with sensational wooing techniques? Not so much. But it needn’t be that difficult, trust us…

1. Find the perfect restaurant

Finding the perfect restaurant for your other half is a very subjective process – it depends entirely on your preference and / or that of your date. (We’d suggest if you’re actively trying to be romantic that you go with what they’d love most, even if it wouldn’t be your first choice!) It’s about more than just finding the right cuisine; the ambience has to be conducive to romance. Think more roaring fires than roaring football fans. Choose somewhere you haven’t been before by searching sites like VoucherBin.co.uk to browse through the best restaurant deals in town. Book your choice of restaurant in advance and make sure you ask for the best seats in the house – perhaps they have a candlelit alcove tucked away in a secluded corner.

2. Keep it a surprise

Once you’ve booked a restaurant, call your significant other and give them the location and the time. There needs to be a little mystery in romance, right? There’s no need to let them in on too many details, especially if it’s a restaurant they’ve never been to before. They’ll definitely appreciate you even more when they realise how many little details you’ve thought of.

3. Never forget the flowers

Men in particular, listen up: if you think flowers are clichéd, then you are completely incorrect. Flowers have been and always will be one of the simplest but most effective ways of showing someone you were thinking of them. Roses scream romance, but romance is also about spontaneity and thinking outside the box, so going searching for other sweet smelling flowers at Interflora wouldn’t go amiss!

4. Keep the conversation soft and sweet

Smiles, giggles and blushes –  this is what we want to see from both parties on a romantic evening out. Ok, you might have been together for what feels like a thousand years, and there might be very real and pressing issues like the rent being due tomorrow to discuss, but if you’re going to bother dedicating the evening to romance in the first place, keep the conversation soft and sweet.

5. The night isn’t over yet

Just because the last of the wine has been poured, it doesn’t mean the romance has to stop there. You’re out now, you’ve (hopefully) settled in to your romantic persona by this point, so make the most of the rest of the evening. Remember how spontaneous and free you used to be on your first few dates? How wandering the city aimlessly felt like it had a purpose because you just wanted to spend more time together? Go back there. Reignite that romance.

Anouszka Tate

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