Sarah Davison Gives You That Little Extra Push to Kick-Start Your Career In 2013

Many career women struggle to find a path that allows them to fulfill their true potential and follow their bliss, but not Sarah Davison. Some may contend that this conflict is the way of the world, but Sarah refused to settle for anything less than a career she’s passionate about. 

Sarah Davison meets my gaze full-on when we meet in the cheerful glow of the B.Hive Club lounge, but her’s is not the piercing stare of Sarah Davison someone searching to read a face or suss out the thoughts of a rival; it is instead, the warm look of a woman who is totally engaged with who she’s speaking to and what she’s doing.

Now a homeopath and career coach with her own practice, Sarah Davison’s winding road took her through multiple career changes. Her professional journey began in international sales, but soon she found herself unfulfilled and knew the time had come for a change. She explained: “the first career transition came as a result of years of knowing that I was not ‘on purpose’ in my first job, but not knowing what I was meant to be doing…”. Later, a dream she had one night put her on a path back to university to do a conversion degree in Psychology.

Though unsure of where her studies would lead, Sarah trusted in her gut feelings and intuition, an important aspect when making any career change. This conversion degree led her to a career in creative consultancy where she found a great deal of fulfilment, but after a time found herself facing stress and anxiety, –the early stages of burnout, and the reality that her heart was no longer in the work.

Working out what her new purpose was wasn’t so easy, but when it did eventually come into focus for Sarah she realised she had had all the pieces of the puzzle right under her nose for several years. “ But it took letting go of certain firmly held assumptions to allow me to see the picture…namely accepting that I would go back to study for the third time, and that spending savings to do that was OK.

As with almost all career changes, both transitions required acknowledging that her heart was no longer in the work she was doing, discovering what her ‘bliss’ was, listening to her heart and intuition, and taking the courage and trust in herself to “leap off the cliff” into the unknown.

Her journey has been more than worthwhile and as well as working as a homeopath Sarah Davison is passionate about helping clients discover their own fulfilling careers. “One of my strongest and guiding beliefs is that we are here to fulfil our potential; and that everyone has a purpose…And my purpose is to help others fulfil their potential through homeopathy and career coaching.”

Many of us may find ourselves struggling with knowing what career path will be fulfilling or lack the confidence to leap off the cliff and ‘follow our bliss’.  If you’re still searching for the confidence to make a key career change Sarah says that “you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work out, you still have the skills and experience from your old career.”

A strong believer in the importance of heeding one’s instincts, she counsels to “never underestimate the importance and power of your heart, your gut and your intuition… They are our connection to a deeper wisdom we all possess. Use them!

When it comes to our careers “distinguishing between genuine intuition and a very strong fear or desire” can be tricky, but one can train to better ‘hear’ their intuition by following “hunches even if what is suggested seems silly or illogical”. Taking time each day for some “inner quiet” to clear your mind of clutter is essential as “when our minds are going nineteen to the dozen that leaves no room for our intuition to come through.

Knowing yourself is another key to discovering the career path that’s right for you. A good understanding of what ignites your passions and ambitions is key not only to following through with the right career change, but can help limit the number of necessary career changes by putting you on course earlier on in your professional development.

However, a bit of trial and error in the professional sphere can be a good thing; “the experience of different careers helps us discover what we do and don’t like; what we’re good at and what we are not”.  As we grow and develop in our careers we may discover what we want from our work changes and so a transition becomes necessary.

Sarah utilizes a number of different coaching techniques, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to help her clients to explore what drives them as well as their skills and strengths and so identify a more satisfying profession. In helping her clients explore a new, more rewarding career Sarah Davison enables them to discover and fulfil their true potential.

For a trial consultation or to book a career coaching session, contact Sarah Davison either at or by calling +44 (0) 7850 519373. 


Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose lives and writes in London. She has an MA and BA in film and literature and a keen interest in travel, culture and fine things.