Heatwave: Expert Shares 6 Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep in the Heat

If you’re heading on holiday with a little one this summer and keen to make sure your carefully crafted bedtime routine isn’t impacted by the high temperatures across Europe, then look no further! 

Working with prestigious nursery brand, Silver Cross, child sleep consultant at Slumbertots Sleep Consultancy, Katy Huyermanshares her top six tips for getting your youngster to sleep comfortably in the warmer weather.

From what your tot should be wearing for bedtime to a head’s up on how their temperament may change, check out Katy’s expert advice below.

Amidst the array of advice, a noteworthy consideration surfaces—opting for organic baby clothes. As the mercury rises and the summer sun bathes your holiday destination, the choice of clothing becomes pivotal in ensuring your baby’s comfort.

Embracing the breathability and softness of organic fabrics offers a gentle touch to your little one’s delicate skin, fostering a cozy and tranquil environment conducive to restful slumber. In the quest for a seamless bedtime routine amidst the summer warmth, the selection of baby clothes emerges as a practical and mindful choice, aligning both with the expert advice provided and a commitment to your baby’s well-being.

  1. Keep your child’s room dark and windows open during the day

Katy says: “Try and keep curtains or blinds drawn to stop rooms from heating up during the course of the day. You can also open the windows to keep the air circulating which will mean the room is less stuffy and will be cooler at bedtime.”

  1. Use an electric fan

Katy comments: “Many parents worry that a fan might keep their little ones awake at night. However, most will adjust fairly quickly and won’t be disturbed, and the fan helps to cool them by moving the air around their bodies.

“Try not to turn the fan directly on your child, as this may make them too cold and cause them to wake in the night or early in the morning.”

  1. Give them a cool bath

Katy adds: “Consider running a cool, not cold, bath for your baby before bed. This will help bring their temperature down. 

“You can also dab them with a lukewarm cloth or towel if you spot them becoming overheated and in discomfort.”

  1. Keep bedroom temperature between 16 and 20 degrees

Katy shares: “Use a nursery thermometer to check the temperature of your child’s room. The NHS advises that the most comfortable room temperature for your baby while sleeping is between 16 and 20 degrees. 

“So, remember to check the temperature of the cot at every bedtime and nap, before your little one goes to sleep.”

  1. Opt for cotton bedding and sleepwear 

Katy says: “In hot weather, reducing the amount of clothing your little one wears can help to keep them cooler. You can put your baby or toddler down in just their nappy when it’s really warm. Use a well-secured thin cotton sheet that won’t work loose and cover your baby’s face or get entangled during the night. 

“A low-tog cotton sleeping bag for younger babies can also work well, rather than nylon bedding. They will absorb sweat rather than leave the sleeper covered in a film of moisture.”

  1. Keep your child well hydrated

Katy comments: “Like adults, babies and young children need to drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated. The NHS advises that if you’re breastfeeding your baby, you don’t need to give them water as well as breast milk. However, they may want to breastfeed more than usual.

“If you’re bottle feeding, as well as their usual milk feeds, you can give your baby cooled boiled water throughout the day. If your baby wakes at night, they’ll probably want milk but if they’ve had their usual milk feeds, try cooled boiled water as well. For older children, give them plenty of fruit and salad to help keep their fluid levels up.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.silvercrossbaby.com/the-edit/travel/sleep-in-the-heat/ 

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