I’m a Breastfeeding Expert – Here’s How You Can Combat Breastfeeding Exhaustion

We get it. You’ve been up all night and you are completely exhausted. Breastfeeding is tiring, but why? Aimee Cestrone a breastfeeding expert from Pippeta have weighed in and explained why mums experience fatigue while breastfeeding, and how to combat this.

“Breastfeeding is incredibly rewarding and a great way to bond with your baby, but it is physically and mentally demanding and can leave you feeling exhausted. Lack of sleep during breastfeeding is an extremely common complaint among mothers and can be attributed to many factors. Sleepless nights, infections and unhealthy eating habits can all contribute to breastfeeding fatigue.”

Try to rest

Giving birth is difficult, and it can take time for your body to adjust which may mean your sleep is disturbed in the days and weeks postpartum. Your sleep is often disrupted due to nappy changes, night feeds and your baby needing to be settled in the middle of the night, resulting in mothers feeling fatigued. 

If possible, nap when your baby sleeps. You can always ask if family or friends could take over for an hour or two to give you an opportunity to rest

Stay hydrated

It’s easy to forget to hydrate yourself when you’re busy feeding your baby, but mothers need to stay hydrated too. Dehydration is a big contributor to fatigue.

Taking a glass of water with you each time you breastfeed is a great way to make sure you are hydrated as well as your baby

Eat well and make sure you’re eating enough

Eating a nutritious diet and making sure you’re eating enough food will really help when feeling tired. Breastfeeding mothers need approximately 400-500 more calories per day, in comparison to when they are not breastfeeding. 

If you are navigating the pros and cons of whether to breastfeed, bottle feed or pump you can read the Serenity Kids’ breastfeeding vs pumping guide. Many mothers choose a combination of all three and this guide can make things easier for you.

Light exercise

Physical activity may feel counterintuitive, but light exercise can help boost your energy levels. Light exercise can help boost your mood, alleviate fatigue and help with stress.

Pippeta are breastfeeding specialists, with extensive experience in guiding mothers in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

Brenda Kimble

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