Outdoor‌ ‌Play:‌ ‌What‌ ‌Benefits‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Child?‌ ‌

Experts and people who are experienced in monitoring child growth and development, tend to put a lot of emphasis on outdoor play. In fact, when recommending ways a child can develop and grow well, playing outdoors has been among the best ideas.

It is with no doubt that outdoor play brings a wide range of benefits to children. Many activities are keeping children inside, contributing to some very significant drawbacks. To reduce the negative impact on the health and development of children associated with staying indoors too much, experts are recommending outdoor play. 

Creative Play is a leading supplier of playground equipment enabling outdoor play. You can visit the creativeplayuk.com website for guidance and take a look at some of their top-quality equipment, that helps to ensure your child reaps the many benefits of playing outside.

What can a child gain from outdoor play?

Here are some examples of the benefits each child playing outside can gain;

• Enhanced physiology and mental health due to the natural outdoor light

• Improves eyesight and can reduce the risk of nearsightedness (myopia)

• Fresh air that reduces stress thus improves mood and concentration

• Encourages and increases morale to participate in physical activities

• Improves sleep patterns

• Offers children the chance to learn and develop social skills, gain confidence and connect with nature

In general, when your children play outside, they benefit from several or all of the following:


Every parent, teacher or carer looking after children, are always interested in providing learning opportunities. Outdoor play itself is an excellent learning environment. Children playing outside learn about the numerous items available as they play. You can also improve a child’s learning by introducing it outside. By incorporating educational equipment outdoors, children get to learn whilst they play.

You can help children whose learning is inhibited by classroom and indoor learning, by introducing it outdoors. They will perceive it as a fun activity. Outdoor play itself involves numerous types of games that allow a child to learn a broad range of skills, both mentally and physically. Creative Play has a fantastic collection of shelter, seating and stage equipment to allow outdoor classes. Their adventure trails and early year items, provide great learning opportunities for children.

Health benefits

Most of us are familiar with the health benefits brought on by physical activity. Outdoor play encourages physical activity and children can indulge in many activities. The elevated moods allow children to be more active outside, therefore burn extra calories and energy, helping them to sleep better and improve concentration. A child who plays regularly has good fitness levels and falls ill less often. Physical activity and sunshine, help with the development of strong bones. Playing outdoors allows improved respiration and blood circulation, which means improved health.

You would agree with many experts, that outdoor play offers children numerous health benefits. The specialists at Creative Play provide some of the best outdoor play equipment to enhance outdoor play.

Social Skills

Children are more likely to open up and relax when they are in less crowded places or when they can play a game they enjoy. Outdoor play allows exactly that, helping kids to develop their social skills. Outdoor play encourages children to work and play together in teams. This helps many children to naturally come out of their shells, work together, make friends and develop social skills such as cooperation, communication and leadership. 

The playground equipment at Creative Play allows participation as kids play outdoors. The team have equipment children can cooperate or compete in outdoor sports, imaginative games, climbing activities, play towers and more.

Certain outdoor play activities encourage independence which is also important. Children learn how to operate and negotiate equipment they’re unfamiliar with. Other games involve individual play which encourages them to quickly learn how to pick themselves up when they fall. Individual play also helps children to survive and do better in life situations that require them to be alone like exams.

Improved Mental health and cognitive skills

Outdoor play encourages instant decision making and creativity. The pressure and need to make decisions quickly in games helps improve children’s thinking. Children also create ways of competing against opponents, as they play various games. This together with the imagination stimulated by objects available outdoors, helps children improve their creativity.

Take Away

It is obvious outdoor play offers more benefits than what is discussed here. Your children can learn a lot from all types of outdoor play activities. Creative Play outdoor play specialists, can advise on many more ways to help your kids benefiting from outdoor play.

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