How to Ensure Your Baby is Safely Sleeping Through the Night, According to the Experts

As new parents, we’re all naturally concerned with our babies’ sleep patterns, from how much they’re getting to how settled they seem and the environment we’ve created for them; honing a consistent and fulfilling routine is incredibly challenging. However, there’s one consideration which far outweighs any other in its importance… ensuring that how your baby is sleeping is truly safe

We of course do all that we can to protect our children, however the risks surrounding babies’ sleep are vast and often go unnoticed – we may not realise we’re practicing unsafe techniques. For example, it was recently reported that, devastatingly, a baby died whilst sleeping with his parents in a ‘hot and airless’ room. Meanwhile, different cultures prioritise different approaches and methods. As a result, many parents are left feeling overwhelmed and confused, worrying that they’re somehow doing something wrong; after all, whilst being surrounded by an endless number of conflicting messages, how can we possibly know what’s right? Fortunately, help is on hand to tell you.

Kevin and Suze Patel are the Founders of Nini Baby, a business whole-heartedly committed to enhancing babies’ sleep by utilising the authentic Indian tradition of swinging cots, pairing this practice with premium, luxurious materials.

As entrepreneurs within the parenting sector and busy parents themselves, they understand the safe techniques parents can, and should, endorse when nurturing their babies’ sleep. Now, to address some hazardous practices, support more parents and help you to create a safe and supportive sleep routine for your little one, they’re sharing their expertise.

1. Consider the surface your baby sleeps on.

‘When laying your baby down to sleep, it’s important that you’re incredibly selective; only have them sleep on flat, reliable surfaces. For example, armchairs and sofas aren’t suitable. Babies wriggle and move whilst they’re asleep, as we all do, so they could easily topple off of an unstable surface. 

Similarly, carefully consider the mattress within your baby’s crib – you shouldn’t just assume it will automatically fulfil their needs, there’s actually a lot to think about… For example, it’s important that you invest in a sturdy, firm, breathable mattress which is covered by a well-fitted sheet. This enhances their quality of sleep and ultimately supports your baby’s physical development. It’s for this reason that we put a lot of time and effort into the creation of our Nini Spacer Mattress; it’s the most breathable on today’s market and because it zips into the NiniPod, our unique, flexible crib, there aren’t any gaps for entrapment – all of these little details need to be thought about. 

It’s also important that you not only consider the surface itself, but what surrounds this surface. Light furnishings like blankets and soft toys might look cute but they’re actually suffocation hazards – make sure they’re removed from your baby’s crib before they safely drift off to sleep.’

2. Always lay your baby on their back.

‘Laying your baby on their back is the very first thing you should do to ensure they’re sleeping safely (and soundly). International research suggests this significantly reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). From the ages of four-seven months, you might start to notice your little one rolling over after they’ve been placed to sleep on their back, but it may take a few more weeks before they’re able to roll back onto their tummy again. In any instance, you should still put your baby to sleep on their back. The NiniPod comes with an innovative swaddle, which safely clips into the crib and comfortably secures your baby on their back for the first six months – peace of mind for any parent.’

3. Remember, your crib choice is incredibly important…

‘Upon finding out you were pregnant, the thought of buying a crib was most likely one of the first things to fill your mind… although, this shouldn’t be a quick process. It’s important that you do your research, finding a reliable, safe and developmentally supportive crib which promises to fulfil your baby’s unique needs. There are of course thousands of cribs currently available which can be overwhelming; filtering through this never-ending list is a task in and of itself… fortunately, there are important criteria which you can use to simplify the process. For example, all cribs should conform with the latest British Standards. You should also opt for a crib which grows with your child – every baby grows at a slightly different rate; therefore, this provides you with invaluable flexibility.

Our NiniPod complies with British Standards EN-716:2017, grows with your little one and has been developed by two parents who’ve been through the process recently and know what it’s like – it’s a great option for anyone who’s hoping to find a reliable crib.’

4. Don’t sleep in bed with your baby.

‘In an effort to bond with your baby, you might be tempted to have them sleep in bed with you. This can be dangerous and isn’t advised. Instead, safely have your baby in your bedroom, but in a cot of their very own. You can keep an eye on them without having to worry about rolling over onto the baby whilst you’re asleep, your bedding covering them or the baby falling out of the bed. If you like, you can also choose a crib with transparent sides, like the NiniPod, so you have a complete view of your baby whilst they sleep.’

5. Ensure the temperature of the room is comfortable for your bundle of joy.

‘It’s important that the room your baby sleeps in isn’t too warm or cold; the optimal temperature is between 16-20 degrees, allowing them to rest comfortably. Similarly, ensure they have an appropriate number of layers on to suit the room’s temperature – you don’t want them to overheat!

To make sure your baby is safely sleeping through the night, prioritise a safe and flexible crib; this is an important foundation to get right. Then, eliminate any potential risk factors and enjoy watching your little one grow, flourish and dream away!’

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