Turn up the Heat with a Hot Hot Chilli Pot 

It’s no secret that a wide variety of themes can be found when scrolling the virtual casino floor within the slot section – from time travel to putting your culinary skills to the test, exploring forgotten temples to rocketing up into galaxies far, far away. 

There are Slots filled to the brim with variating themes within online casino sites such as Karamba online casino, for example, offering something for everyone.

With this in mind, we dived into the culinary section of the Slots and discovered one game that really turned up the heat with every spin of its reels. 

Will you join us in the virtual kitchen to learn more about the slot and its recipe for the perfect pot of chilli?

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Hot Hot Chilli Pot

Upon opening Hot Hot Chilli Pot, you’ll be welcomed by a big pot of chilli bubbling away below a game grid comprised of seven reels and seven rows. Each symbol that spins into play is an ingredient to be placed into to the chilli pot below. When a winning match is created on the game grid, the ingredients fall into the bubbling chilli, adding more flavour and spice to the pot – and the game.

The ingredients of symbols include:

• Kidney beans

• Sliced red chilli

• Avocado

• Tortilla chips

• Red onion

• Courgette

• Steak

• Carrot

• Yellow chilli pepper

• Red chilli sauce bottle – wild

• Yellow chilli sauce bottle – wild

• Green chilli sauce bottle – wild

Not only do the chilli bottle wilds substitute for other ingredients on the game grid, they also hold power within, ready and waiting to be unleashed on the reels and into the chilli pot.

The red chilli sauce will remove all lower-paying symbols from the game grid.

The yellow chilli sauce adds fire to the game grid, burning symbols away, and making room for further symbols to fall into play.

The green chilli sauce multiplies your total win of that spin by whatever multiplier poured out of the bottle.

Bonus Features

Not only do the chilli sauce bottles affect the game, and maybe your tastebuds, but so do the hidden bonus features of the game too.

• Chain Reaction

When a winning combination of symbols is created on the game grid, they’ll fall into the chilli pot below, leaving gaps where they once were. This is where the chain reaction feature comes into play.

Using virtual gravity, the symbols above the gaps, whether they can be seen on the grid or not, will fall and fill the gaps. This will keep happening until no further matches can be created within that spin.

• Armageddon

On any spin, where a win hasn’t occurred, the Armageddon feature can randomly activate and change the game with a fiery display.

This won’t happen for every spin that doesn’t result in a win. It’s randomly selected and can happen when you least expect it.

When the Armageddon feature activates, flames will rise from the pot of chilli and engulf the sides of the game grid. As this happens, chilli bottles will fall from the sky, with some landing on the game grid and others heading straight for the pot. Once the rain of chilli sauce bottles has ended, any bottles that landed on the game grid will spring into action and unleash their power bottled within.

Game creator, Red Tiger, claim that with every Armageddon activated, a win on the reels is guaranteed.

Will you create the perfect dish of chilli on your next trip to the online casino, or will you witness chilli sauce bottles falling from the virtual sky?

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Click HERE for more info.

Sophia Anderson

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