Best Online Stock Brokers for Novices in 2022

Many stock brokers for novices focus on assisting you in learning about the market. The following brokers in this article are suggested as the best stock brokers for beginners because they are straightforward to use.

One of the finest developments the internet has given to the world of investing is the online stock broker. Online stock brokers are excellent for novice investors since they are affordable and can provide a wealth of training materials. One caveat is that there is an abundance of online stock brokers from which to choose. How do you determine which is best for you?

What Exactly Is A Stock Broker?

An individual who purchases and sells assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) on behalf of customers is known as a stock broker. An investor’s transactions are handled by a stock broker, who acts as a middleman.

Typically employed by a brokerage business, a stock broker manages transactions for a variety of customers. Customers may be individual investors or institutions, like businesses or organizations. On average, they will get a commission for each transaction they manage.

Top 5 Online Stock Brokers

Not all brokers are the best for every client. Your decision will be influenced by your investing objectives, risk tolerance, and market knowledge. But if you do everything right, you will never look for a “PayDay advance app” again and will be able to enjoy a good financial situation.


Webull is a trading program created to provide regular traders with a cheap way to purchase and sell many times each day. Webull, with its $0 costs, 24/7 bitcoin trading, and round-the-clock customer service, may be a good alternative if you’ve ever been interested in day trading.

Webull also provides beginner-friendly trading materials. You may quickly receive a day trading course on the website and begin implementing what you learn right now. Even better, Webull offers a trading simulator that works as a demo account for learning how to trade. Using the help of this function, you may try out a new tactic and get practical experience with Webull’s tools.

Axos Invest

Take a look at if you wish to join the world of automatic trading, Axos Invest is a good option for handling everything yourself. When you use Axos Invest, you choose your chosen strategy and the platform takes care of the rest. You may utilize the rapid deposit service whenever you like for a cost of 0.24%. Tax-loss aid and selective trading are also available to help you save as much money as feasible.

If you want to keep all your money in one place, you may open a checking or high-yield savings account.


No-load, no-transaction-fee (NTF) mutual funds are available through E*TRADE for more than 4,400. That is one of the longest listings of free money available online right now. E*TRADE offers Power E*TRADE Pro, a sophisticated trading platform as well as a platform that is user-friendly for beginners. On mobile, both systems are simple to use.

E*TRADE provides stock, ETF, option, bond, and futures investments as a full-service brokerage. You may establish an IRA, Individual 401(k), Profit Sharing Plan, or a standard, taxable brokerage account. Additionally, E*TRADE provides customers with balances of at least $500 with access to their Robo-adviser service, E*TRADE Core Portfolios.


TradeZero is an online trading platform that provides free trading options, a powerful mobile app, and 24/7 customer support. You may use the platform for free or subscribe to ZeroPro or ZeroWeb for a reasonable monthly fee, depending on your investing strategy.


We believe that Fidelity, one of the biggest financial institutions in the world that oversees more than $10 trillion in investor assets, is the best stockbroker overall for several reasons.

One of them is the simplicity with which Fidelity enables trade execution from a computer or a mobile device. You can view and manage your portfolio at any time, from any location, with ease.

Fidelity is a great option for beginning investors as well. Fidelity’s mutual funds have no minimum balance restrictions and no minimum investment amount. Due to the ability to purchase fractional shares of tens of thousands of assets, you can even start investing with as little as $1 in stocks and ETFs.

Fidelity is also the winner of our award for the best broker for low costs due to its cheap fees and absence of commissions. Even better, the business provides index mutual funds with zero expense ratios, so investing costs you nothing at all.

CenterPoint Securities

For traders with intermediate to advanced skill levels, large volume traders, momentum traders, and short sellers, CenterPoint Securities is a brokerage that provides outstanding tools. With CenterPoint, you may short-sell with the benefit of a large short inventory and sophisticated order routing, which will expedite the processing of your orders.

The platform enables you to trade in any market you want, assisting you in using the techniques you’ve selected to get the desired outcomes. The platform might be the ideal spot for anybody to begin since it is so simple to use and beneficial for momentum traders. Additionally, the platform allows you to learn about trading as you go.

Are Online Brokerage Accounts Safe for My Money?

If an online brokerage fails, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SPIC) will protect funds in the account up to a certain level. The 1970-founded Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the SPIC, which insure deposits held in banks covered by the FDIC, are analogous in many ways.

Customers of brokerages that are SPIC members are protected up to $250,000 for uninvested cash and $500,000 for accounts at a single brokerage. This indicates that in the event your brokerage went out of business, you would be given certain protections if it was a member of SPIC. Losses on investments, however, are not covered by the SPIC.

Bottom Line

There are several options available now for buying and selling stocks and other assets online. Managing your portfolio and investing is a lot simpler when you work with an online stockbroker. However, different stockbrokers excel in certain areas. Additionally, each broker might charge differently and offer various user interfaces.

While online stock brokers offer convenience and accessibility for investors, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks, such as suffering losses due to unscrupulous or negligent brokers. If you believe you’ve experienced losses as a result of broker misconduct, consider seeking legal advice from experienced securities fraud attorneys.

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