How to Save on Your Energy Bill? 

Let’s face it: Anything that can help us save on our energy bill is valuable today. With the war going on in Ukraine and Russia’s determination to cut the delivery of gas to Europe, we have found out that the energy costs have reached levels that make it hard for each of us to close our budget, at the end of the month. That is why it is time for everyone to think about energy efficiency renovations on their house. Here is how to go about it.

Change the Facade of Your House

One of the problems that a house faces, in terms of energy efficiency, is the loss of cool air in the summertime, and cold wind drafts coming in, during the winter months. These losses are often due to window sills or to their glass panes. It is the same for doors as well. That is why you should reimagine the exterior walls of your house, by creating a glass facade system, on one or more of them. Today, aluminium windows and doors are a great solution to save energy. That is because their glass panes are treated to offer thermal protection to the house. Therefore, you can build a whole wall of aluminium sliding doors, that will let you enjoy the view of your garden, all the while producing savings on your energy bill. 

By applying new materials on top of your facade, you can also make your home more energy efficient. Today, you can add a variety of sustainable materials that will create a shell around the house, which will keep it from being affected by temperature changes, throughout the year. We have seen in the previous paragraph how important aluminium is, in today’s fight against energy loss. It is also great for the environment, as you can recycle this material forever. But there are others as well, such as ceramic, which are environmentally-friendly and can build a global protection by placing it on your house facade.

Insulate the House Better

There are two other parts of the house from which you can lose heat or cool air: The roof and the floor. If you really want to be sure of what you need to do, you should call upon the service of a professional that will come to your home and study the house, in order to tell you precisely where the losses of energy happen. For roof-related energy loss, you may want to consult with the top rated roofer in Northern Alabama to assess insulation and potential leaks that could be impacting your home’s energy efficiency. That way, you will invest money on the problems, instead of taking on expensive projects around your home, unknowing of the final results and the real reduction it will have on your energy bill, in the end.

This said, if he finds any issues, it should be with windows, doors, roof and on the floor downstairs. The air leaking from the roof will have to be blocked by using insulation material, such as mineral wool. Just make sure that whatever you place there is environmentally friendly. If there are holes or leaks on your roof caused by a hailstorm, it’s best to hire a roofing contractor to conduct hail damage repair. If the damages are extensive, getting a new residential roofing installation may be necessary. As for the floor, you will need to position a protection sheet underneath it, which can also contain mineral wool or other types of protective material

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