In Search for Great Gaming Websites? Look This Way!

There are many great options available today for gaming experiences online. With the greater flexibility of modern internet protocols like HTML5, rich gaming experiences are now available without having to download any software. While gaming websites have been largely superseded by both dedicated gaming consoles and the rise of the Android and iOS app ecosystems, there are still great options to explore if you’re restricted to using a web browser. Try out these top picks if you’re looking for something new to play online, or interested in exploring things like games that pay real money so that you can earn money while having fun – who wouldn’t want to give that try?!

Facebook Instant Games

There are over 2.8 billion registered users on Facebook making it the most visited website on earth. What some don’t know though is that Facebook hosts a large ecosystem of on-site apps, including its gaming service, Facebook Instant Games. You can play hundreds of different titles here, from Candy Crush and Farmville to classics like Scrabble. Due to its social integration, Instant Games gives you the ability to share with your friends and newsfeed information about what you’re playing, highscores you’ve earned and achievements you’ve unlocked. You can even challenge or invite friends to play alongside or against you, making for hours of fun.

PokerStars Casino

If you’re looking to recreate the casino experience online you could consider PokerStars Casino, which features online casino games such as Fishin’ Frenzy, a classic one when it comes to slots titles as well as exclusives Tomb of Ra and Super Elephant. There are also all the traditional table and card games to explore, from roulette to blackjack and baccarat. One thing we like about this platform is the inclusion of live dealer rooms where you can chat and connect in real time with other players for a truly immersive experience.


What distinguishes Roblox from the other services listed here is that it’s as much focused on creating games as playing them. It features a simplified gaming toolkit that lets anyone create their own custom game or world from a series of templates. There are 150 million players on Roblox and that number is steadily growing as people connect with the anarchic fun of playing “home-made” games with others on the platform. With popular games ranging from Jailbreak to Work at a Pizza Place, this is a unique experience and points to the future of collaborative gaming as programming technology becomes more accessible and decentralised.


Released in 2019, Stadia is an innovative new gaming platform devised by Google. Stadia distinguishes itself by offering users to play the types of games traditionally reserved for the latest gaming consoles such as the Playstation 5. By utilising cloud based gaming, Stadia lets you play these games from inside your web browser. All you need is a compatible controller and a stable internet connection to play some of the freshest big budget titles in gaming, from Destiny 2 to GRiD and even developer CD Projekt’s hotly anticipated sci-fi open world game Cyberpunk 2077. If you need help with hacks with games, then you have to check out 2042 hacks


Nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, Fortnite has gone from strength to strength since its initial release back in 2017. A battle royale game where you compete as one of 100 players in a 3rd person shooter knock-out competition. You pick your landing spot, parachute in and dash for the best weapons before duking it out across Fortnite’s giant island map. Fortnite’s mix of compelling gameplay, innovative crafting mechanics and cartoonish fun make it easy to see why it boasts over 350 million players to date. Fortnite is known for its cross platform compatibility and can even be played directly from inside your browser. 


This is a website that has been in the online gaming space for a long time. It first launched back in 2006 and since then has consistently offered a huge library of Flash based and HTML5 browser games to explore. In recent years, Kongregate has adapted to bring itself into alignment with the changes in gaming brought about by the rise of smart devices and hosts ports of many popular titles on its platform, from Kingdom Rush to Bit Heroes. The website has also made steps to integrate communal streaming features similar to platforms like, enabling you to join rooms to chat and share in while playing some of the internet’s classic mini-games.

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