Slang Words Commonly Heard Whilst Gambling

Gambling has undoubtedly taken a prominent place in the list of the most popular types of entertainment all over the world for a very long time. It used to be something that only the rich and famous could afford to enjoy. 

But this is not the case anymore. Instead it has become common for most people in the society today, including people of all sexes, statuses and castes. This industry continues to evolve rapidly with technology and there are plenty of gambling guides and strategies available to help you to adapt to different scenarios as they keep changing. In the present day society, gambling lovers are always found around the casinos, as they engage in the fun that these lavish establishments are able to offer them. This involves engaging in different types of games with their friends and opponents.

That said, there is a language that is peculiar with every sport. The language is normally made of both official and unofficial words chosen by fans of the sports. Unsurprisingly, just like every other sport, gambling also has its own set of words, which is made up of slangs used by the players to explain certain events and happenings in the games, be it ordinary or special. This article is geared towards giving you a sneak peek into the most interesting gambling slangs, as created and used by players and enthusiasts. In the list, we have mapped out the most popular slangs that gamblers all over the world employ to communicate with others, along with their meanings, so you can understand what people are saying and feel at home when next you visit a casino. Enjoy the read and try to get conversant with them.

Action – this is mostly used in card games to describe the act of players placing a bet in a game.

Ante – this explains the first bet that a player makes before all the other players make their out. This keeps his money in the pot all the time. It is a way of forcing action by other players, and with it, the game is kept on a roll.

Beginner Luck – many people also call this the honeymoon period, and it is used to explain the concept that new players are most likely prone to win more than they really can. It says that the initial winnings are not because they merit it or that they are good. It just happens.

Blind Bets – this refers to any bet that a player places, even when they have no idea the card that will pop up after that.

Bookie – this explains the person that organizes and puts out the gambling odds, and who receives and settles the bets.

Cage – the position of the cashiers in a casino. This place contains the money of the casino, so it is the most essential part of it.

Chase – here, we are talking about when a player is behind her/his opponent in an unusual manner, and hopes to hit a card that will take her/him above the opponent.

Cold – this is used to explain the roulette number that is drawn fewer times than all the others during a particular game session.

Color-up – this is used to describe the chips that players are given in casinos to enjoy games with.

Croupier – this is the word used to describe the dealer of the games in a casino.

Eye-in-the-sky – is used to describe the security cameras in the casinos to monitor the activities of the guests, players, and staff.

Fish – the gambler that loses more times and more money than all the others in the casino

Hit Me – this word is used to inform the dealer that a player needs another card in a blackjack game. It is used to demand for more cards.

Jackpot – the winning of a very huge amount of money that accumulates overtime in a lottery or slot game

Juice – this explains the commission that the casino takes from the players.

Junket – this is a name for a set or group of popular high rollers with huge casino experience. When they besiege a casino, it is always to the casino’s detriment.

Shill – this explains the players that casinos send to poker tables just to make up numbers. They are used as filler players by the casino establishments.

Whale – when a player places wagers involving thousands of dollars in a single round, he is a whale.

Washing – this explains when the players rub their palms together to show that they are not coming into the casino with any chips

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The list above explains some of the most popular gambling slangs you may encounter when you visit the casino. Now, the reason why it’s important for you to know the language before you start playing, is because when you invest your money in such a venture without having the essential information, it could come back to hurt you. That would mean some huge losses. Though there is a huge list of slangs used in gambling, we have only picked the most used, so as to help you understand the gambling atmosphere better. When you use these words, your casino experience will be more fun and exciting, and you will also be taken closer to possible wins.

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