Diamonds are Everyone’s Best Friend

Okay, so the best way to spin the best casino Roulette is probably to delve right into the world of Diamond Bet Roulette online. One of the higher jackpot games, at a massive £200,000! Yep, this game is ideal for anyone who likes the chance to win big! 

With that little added sparkle, players can join the fun at Diamond Bet Roulette for as little as £0.10. Regardless of whether you like to bet big, or stay sensible, this edition of Roulette has everything that you could need to up the ante, to your own personal degree. However, in line with the standard Roulette rules, this game still maintains a maximum payout of 35:1 on any single number bet. This can still be somewhat exciting when playing with the £200 maximum bet per number – which would give a hefty payout of £7,200. 

What separates Diamond Bet Roulette from the rest of the online Slots games is its bonus bet feature. Next to “0”, in the place where American Roulette would place “00”, you will find a diamond as precious as the one that is found in If you are brave enough to place at least £0.10 on this bonus bet you will go on to have the chance of winning up to 100X your stake if your number is selected. Any time you have an active bet on this diamond, and the ball stops in this position, a second spin will then take place on the outside of the Roulette wheel. As the lights spin, it will also pass across a series of multipliers that range from 15X your original bet, to an impressive 100X your original bet – the Jackpot. Once this generous light comes to a stop, the multiplier it is found to be shining on will be applied to your bonus bet and amount that will later be credited to your account.

Now, to make this feature even more impressive, let us introduce you to yet another added extra that it gives to players. The cleverly built software will show you how many spins it has been since the last “diamond spin” so you can work out for yourself the likelihood of landing your own. So, if you are in the market for better betting limits and perhaps even the chance to win £200,00 from a single spin of the Roulette wheel, then Diamond Bet Roulette might just be the perfect game for you!

Another member of the online Diamond Roulette family is a live version of the game, simply called Live Diamond Roulette. With live gaming action, the ability to win up to 35X your stake on a single bet, along with the chance to play for as little as £0.50, what’s not to love from this slightly higher paced version of your new favourite game! Using the latest in streaming technology, the live aspect of the game allows you to watch the wheel spin and the ball fall into place with the addition of hearing the genuine croupier cheer in real time, as if you are really there. And we bet you wish you were!

Sophia Anderson

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