Where in the World Can You Be a Millionaire For Less

What would you do if you won the lottery? It’s a question we’ve all pondered whilst daydreaming during a boring meeting or waiting to reach our stop on the commute home. With the prospect of holidays to tropical destinations, a mansion in the countryside and no job to go to in the near future, it’s easy to get swept up in the idea of becoming a millionaire.

The great thing about BingoFind is that you can find out if you already are a millionaire in another country. Simply type in your current savings balance and find out where in the world your money is already worth millions. For example, with just £22 worth of savings, you can become a millionaire in Iran. Similarly, £34 is worth 1.5M is Vietnamese currency and with just £93 you would be worth over 10 million in Laos!

We think it’s fun to fantasise about hitting the jackpot, but it’s also sensible to start saving if you really do want to have a secure (or luxurious) future. That’s why we’ve put together some simple money-saving tips to help you on your way to being loaded!

1. Save the change

Many baking apps offer the option to set aside the change from purchases. So for example, if your food bill comes to £45.80 then 20p would be automatically added to your savings pot. Bearing in mind how much you use your debit card on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the little savings can mount up. Alternatively, you could do it the old-fashioned way and empty out your purse every evening and save it in an old-school piggy bank.

2. Set up a direct debit

Setting aside savings every month can be difficult, especially if you are choosing to manually transfer the cash on payday. Instead of having to watch a chunk of your hard-earned wage be snatched away, work out a budget and see how much you can comfortably set aside without missing it. Then set up a direct debit so that this comes out of your account every month automatically and goes straight into a savings account.

3. Go on a spending ban

Most of us don’t realise how much money we are spending mindlessly until we see the cold hard facts. Challenge yourself to go on a spending ban for three days and you’ll realise how much cash you could be saving every day. Get creative; you’ll need to make a packed lunch, sacrifice your morning coffee and raid the kitchen cupboards for dinner!

4. Shop your stash

Whilst on your spending ban, try to treat your existing makeup products and clothing like a store. Imagine you’re seeing everything for the first time and try to create new looks using YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration. You could even scour our fashion pages for ideas. Try that eyeshadow palette you’ve never been brave enough to use, restyle that expensive dress and mend that ripped skirt to make it wearable again.

5. Sell unwanted goods

When was the last time you had a good old clear out? There’s nothing better than having an epic declutter and flogging it all at a car boot sale. If you price things well enough you can normally get rid of everything and make a few hundred pounds in a day. If you’d rather sell online, use Gumtree, Facebook or Depop to sell items that you can post out or have collected from your home.

6. Do a weekly grocery shop

One of the biggest outgoings for many of us is the dreaded weekly food shop. The good news is that unlike other monthly outgoings – like council tax or mortgage payments – you are fully in control of how much you spend as long as you stay organised. Start by making a meal plan and then work out exactly what you need to buy to make each meal. Then log on to your favourite supermarket and shop online.  

Asda will give you a voucher for the difference if your ‘comparable grocery shopping’ isn’t 10% cheaper than at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. On top of these savings, shopping online means that you can see exactly how much you’re going to spend before you reach the checkout and you won’t be distracted by any special offers.

Fiona Reid

Fiona Thomas is a lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music where she snuck into several journalism classes and realised her real passion was writing. She had a successful career in management for several years before returning to her calling and started developing Fiona Likes to Blog, whilst working freelance for other websites. She is a keen advocate of positive body image, mental health awareness, fitness and wellbeing.