Top 5 European Slot Providers

There has been an increasing surge of gamblers on online casinos in recent years. This can be largely attributed to their increasing popularity amongst the general public. In Europe, the United Kingdom is the largest single gambling sector in the continent. As per figures by the UK gambling commission, gambling alone generated a close €4.5 billion in 2018 growing nearly three-fold when it was last pegged at €1 billion in 2008. This is closely followed by other nations like Denmark, Spain, Finland, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and other European countries. The gambling industry is projected to grow up to $24.75 billion by the end of 2018.

Thanks to the increasing number of slot providers today, gamblers in Europe have a plethora of options when it comes to playing casino games. European casinos may have come relatively late to the scene than their American counterparts, but this region has slowly become one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Now, just like traditional places, an online place like BETAT doesn’t make their own games and titles. Instead, they provide their casino as a platform for different developers who in turn showcase their slots via this medium.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the top 5 European slot providers famous amongst gamblers.

1. Novomatic

Novomatic has been in the gaming business for a long time. Established in 1980, the company today has more than 300 titles provided by a number of casino houses across Europe. They also have the distinction of being one of the largest manufacturers of land-based machines anywhere. The company made a transition towards online venture after it acquired Greentube Entertainment Solutions in the year 2011. The transition to online gaming only boosted their reputation further in the business. Novomatic has a rich collection of titles in their kitty including table games, card games, roulette etc. which has made them a known name amongst gamblers.

2. Betsoft

Betsoft is another popular developer known to gamblers across the world. The company initially made slot games for iOS platform but gradually progressed to making slots for all forms of gaming. Their games are known to have the highest quality graphics including high-quality recordings. Today, the developer offers more than 150 interactive titles to players in Europe. Most of their known productions come in 3D format. There is a wide variety of productions to choose from like Blackjack, Video Poker, Lottery productions, Keno, Roulette etc. The provider also provides games on a mobile platform dubbed ToGo in 2012. It has also extended its reach to cyber cafes and hotel computer centers via their new platform Betcafe.

3. Netent

Netent, short for Net Gaming holds the distinction of being the first developer to bring casino software via the Java platform. The provider is a well-known name in Europe. The company has more than 140 slots, and its casino software is used by more than 300 online portals. The company has managed to outdo its competition making all their slots in-house and with a number of innovative features that are a hit amongst gamblers. All their productions support more than 22 different languages making it easy for many players in Europe wanting to play in their local language. Today, the provider has moved to HTML5 providing most of its titles in this format. Netent slots are quite popular across many European jurisdictions excluding some countries which have a no online gaming policy.

4. Playtech

Playtech boasts of some of the best game collection that caters to every kind of slot players and is also one of the world’s largest software suppliers. In order to offer diversity in its gaming productions, the developer has signed many licenses with different comic book and movie developers. Their most famous slots include that of Marvel including Iron Man, X-Men, Hulk, etc. Some of their popular movie slots include Gladiator and Rocky which have been quite a hit amongst players. The provider has more than 200 games on offer that are a common feature in many online casinos. With a big diversity and high-quality titles on offer, the titles by Playtech has a big fan following.

5. Wazdan

If there has to be a new title provider that has made huge impact in the gambling world, then it has to be Wazdan. With a relatively small portfolio, the company is rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs in the industry on account of merit and popularity. The provider has aimed at providing the best gaming experiences to players using the most innovative features available. Holding a license under the Malta Gaming Authority, it has ensured that all its productions meet industry standards in terms of fairness, safety, and responsible gambling. All of Wazdan slots are playable on desktops PCs, as well as smartphones.

There are many upcoming slot providers that are changing the market as we know it. The coming years for the gambling universe sure does look interesting for both gamblers and slot providers.

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