Surya Foods Launch the first World Food Box Launch onboard the Golden Hinde

Sir Francis Drake famously sailed the world in the Golden Hinde galleon in the 1500s, discovering spices and cultures from far-flung countries. It was fitting then that a replica of the ship, which is a tourist attraction on London’s Southbank, was the chosen location for the launch of the first World Food Box from Surya Foods. YCB’s Sophie Green headed riverside for the party alongside London’s food press and influencers.

I’ve always found the presence of the Golden Hinde replica ship on the Southbank intriguing. Only in London would you find a majestic Tudor galleon nestled between office blocks, a Café Nero and your typical city boozer. It is this type of quirky landmark that reminds me why I chose to live in this city in the first place and pay through the nose to remain. Whilst I have admired the exterior of the ship many a time, I have never actually stepped foot on board, so it was with no hesitation that I accepted the invite from Surya Foods to explore their latest launch on its decks.

Even if you’re not familiar with Surya Foods, there’s a high chance you’ve enjoyed their produce, given that they are one of the largest specialists in authentic world foods in the UK. In fact, it was whilst at the event that I realised I had a bottle of Siracha from their Korean line ‘Thai Dragon’ in my fridge at home. 

A heritage family business, Surya Foods was founded in 1971 by Kewal Dulai, who relocated to the UK from India and tenaciously built up a food empire from scratch. Today the company is headed up by Kewal’s sons – Suki and Harry, who bring over 2,500 products to kitchens across the UK. Expect to find dishes from African, Caribbean, Oriental, South Asian, Polish and Mediterranean cuisines in their delicious ranges. 

Stepping on board the Golden Hinde, we were directed below deck to the heart of the party. Having never been aboard the galleon before, my first observation was that ship life must have been challenging for those any taller than five feet. Remember to duck – or you’re likely to take a knock to the head when ascending the stairs and navigating below deck. The trade-off of little inconvenience (and a bad back the next day) is so worth it – being on a 16th century galleon replica is magical and a total immersion in history, complete with majestic ship cannons and glorious timber interiors. 

On display at the party was the first-ever World Food Box – a monthly subscription that will deliver new flavours to your doorstep. With food and travel being two passions of the UK population, each box will be themed by a different destination and feature key ingredients to create six recipes, as well as treats and snacks from the spotlighted country. The first box will launch in early 2024 and will make its first call on the world map to India. Expect packs of perfectly spiced dahl and chana masala, moreish Bombay mix, authentic spice combinations and much more.

Founder Harry Dulai explained how the service works and his ambition to empower home cooks. “Each monthly box features the basic ingredients, pastes and spices to create six traditional recipes from the destination country, you just need to add your meat and vegetables,” he said. “World Food Box is all about helping UK home cooks skill up to create delicious, exotic dishes at home, with ease, with an emphasis on scratch cooking.” 

Food delivery boxes have been steadily rising in popularity in recent years – in part thanks to the pandemic that forced us out of restaurants and into our kitchens. The meal kit economy is growing in the UK, with 2.5 million households forecast to be subscribers by 2028. The unique selling points are convenience and discovery – if you are a busy professional, a parent, or both, meal planning and shopping for ingredients can become a chore, rather than a pleasure. It’s therefore easy to fall into a rut of eating the same meals week in, and week out. 

Then there’s the temptation of turning to a takeaway in favour of a home-cooked meal, which can become a costly habit. It’s easy to rack up a bill of £50 for a meal for two using your favourite delivery app once sides, service and delivery fees have been added. In comparison, the World Food Box is a steal – priced at £35 for a one-off box with six recipes (a great gift for that foodie friend) and £27 per month for a 12-month subscription. 

Great things have small beginnings’ Sir Francis Drake once said. And from one World Food Box, an entire world of culinary discovery beckons. 

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Sophie Green

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