Renewing Your Living Space for 2024: A Guide

Everyone deserves a warming living space to call their own. From an elderly individual comforted in their bedroom area while living in a communal supported living space, to the professional who works two jobs but has a beautiful apartment with nourishing relaxing areas to call their own, having a place to lay your head (or hang your hat, as it were), can be nothing if not restoring to the spirit.

For this reason, every so often a helpful investment in its upkeep, aesthetic and function is worthwhile. We understand this best of all during the festive period, especially if we have to host others or if the weather impacts our comforting enjoyment of the property a little. Moreover, a nice milestone, like a new year, can be a fun justification to get the ball rolling.

Let’s consider a few lovely and worthwhile adjustments you could make. Without further ado:

Integrate Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Elements

It’s nice to think about implementing sustainability in your home for the new year. That might involve using bamboo blinds from sustainable sources once more, or even switching to non-toxic refillable cleaning solutions that you can use around the house without worrying about harmful chemicals or supporting an industry that uses too many fossil fuels. Sometimes it’s not just the visual impact but the process itself that spurns renewal and comfort.

Consider Your Heat Delivery

The start of 2024 will, of course, remain firmly in the winter unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s why it’s good to consider your heat delivery in the household and how changes can be made for the better. That might include going to Radiator Village and using a thinner but powerful radiation implement, which could also save you wall space compared to your older model. This way, you can also consider how heat travels around the room, and re-orient your possessions based on that impetus.

Bring in Indoor Plants For Greener Vibes

During the winter even indoor plants can struggle, which is why it’s good to invest in some nice household greenery as the new year heats up a little. From cacti that requires low-maintenance to potted plants and herbs that require a little more care, all the way to wall gardens that truly express your visionary and creative approach, indoor plants not only help the home look wonderful, but they give you a sense of pride over your space.

Reupholster Where You Can

Reupholstery can not only help your room look new at a fraction of the cost, but if you learn some home care skills, you may be surprised how much fun this practice can be. Taking an old chair, removing its fabric, replacing the foam, connecting cleaner, more durable fabric on top, sanding and treating the wood, all of this can help you renew a piece of furniture while also showcasing your updated taste since last time. 

With this advice, you’re certain to renew your living space for the new year, successfully and with comfort.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.