This is What Needs to Be on Your Dinner Table This Christmas

The big day is just around the corner, with “Christmas” starting to trend again on Google. Among the decorations and general festive feelings are food finds, too – with Google searches such as “Christmas cookies recipe” increasing by 50%.

Whether you’re indulging in a luxury hamper this festive season or splashing on all the trimmings, take a deep dive into social media and search trends that can predict the food we can expect to see on our dinner tables this Christmas. 

Darren Sivewright, Group Innovation Manager at Baxters of Scotland, says: “As the run-up to Christmas gets underway again, it is inevitable that we are all looking for those luxury items to put on our table this year. From the traditional Turkey to some more inspirational combinations, nothing says a cosy Christmas quite like quality food.”

Are we still gobbling turkey?

Turkey is a tradition for many at Christmas, but data shows that some people might be looking to diversify their meat selection this year. According to Google Search Data, the search for “Christmas turkey” has gone down in the last three years. Peaking in December 2020, the search volume was down 32% by December 2022 – meaning we can expect fewer homes to have this traditional meat on their tables this year.

For those who do still want turkey on their plate, making sure you cook it right is essential – you don’t want a piece of dry turkey breast. And it can certainly be a showstopper that will leave your guests in awe. From the golden skin to juicy meat, turkey isn’t gone just yet.

Darren says: “When cooked right, turkey can be succulent. And the good thing about using a turkey is the sheer size of it. Not only will it feed you and your whole family on Christmas, but you will also have enough leftovers the next day. Now, don’t just go for another roast – spice it up with a turkey curry, or even make sandwiches for a perfect lunchtime snack.”

If you’re planning to change your meat selection this year, then why not drift from the usual roast turkey and try a beef joint or honey-glazed gammon for the day? These rich meats are perfect for adding indulgence and luxury to your meal without the worry of fitting the turkey into the oven.

Perfecting the roast

The perfect roast is on top of the list on social media as we head into the winter months.

Creator @brittanyhmiller, who has 1.5 million followers, has gained fame for her food vlogs – including her Sunday roasts. In fact, “roast dinner Brittany” has 388 million views, as people from the United Kingdom to the United States try to emulate her meals.

Darren says: “The trick to getting your roast dinner right is timing. Preparing your vegetables the day before and storing them in the fridge can cut down the time you spend peeling – giving you a bit of free time to entertain on Christmas. For harder veg like carrots, an airtight container will do, whereas potatoes will need to be submerged in water.

“You can even cook your meat the day before. Ham is a great meat to cook beforehand and serve hot or cold the next day. You can cook your turkey earlier in the day and leave it to stand under tin foil and a towel to keep it warm while your guests arrive.”

The growth of grazing boards

Another trend that has taken social media by storm this year is food boards – with the #grazingboards racking up 99 million views in the last three years. With its peak in December 2022, we can expect this tried-and-tested fan favourite to make a reappearance this year.  

And the special thing is you can tailor these boards with your imagination. Try making nutcracker-themed charcuterie with nuts and jams to pair, or even a winter wonderland-themed dipping plate selection, including white chocolate sauce, coconut shavings, and meringues. 

Darren says: “The great thing about snack boards is that they can be eaten all day long, letting your friends and family dip in whenever they like. There is nothing like finger food to end off the festivities. And the food shouldn’t stop at the front door either.

“Whether you’re a guest who wants to bring a little something to the table or a host who wants to send their guests away with the taste of Christmas – a hamper can keep the feasting going. This way, you can share your passion for food with specially curated selections that can make great taste last well beyond the formal festive feast.”

Christmas is about coming together with friends and family. And indulging in delicious food is part of the fun. If you’re looking for a bit of festive inspiration, a recipe to mix it up, or advice on how to better your roasts, social media has everything you will need. From TikTok tips and tricks to timing the turkey right and sending guests home with a food gift at night, there’s something for everyone.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.