11 Things to Do Instead of Buying a New Car

It can be tempting to upgrade your car every year or so because who doesn’t like that new car smell and who doesn’t love being the envy of everyone else on the road? However, from a financial point of view, it makes very little sense to buy a new car in most instances. Alright, but what should you do instead? Here are a few neat ideas for your consideration:

1. Pimp Your Ride: Car Makeover Magic 

Before you ditch your trusty old motor, consider giving it a dazzling makeover. I’m talking a full-on Cinderella transformation here. How about a snazzy new paint job in a colour that screams ‘you’? Or funky interior upgrades like retro seat covers, a set of these number plates for sale, and ambient lighting? It’s like giving your car a personality transplant without the hefty price tag of a new vehicle.

2. Go Electric (Bike, That Is!)

Why not switch gears and invest in an electric bike? It’s perfect for those shorter commutes and a brilliant way to stay fit. Plus, zipping through traffic on your e-bike, wind in your hair, feeling like a two-wheeled superhero – now that’s living!

3. The Charm of Pre-loved Wheels 

There’s something wonderfully characterful about a used car. It’s got history and stories to tell. Plus, it’s way kinder to your wallet and the planet. Scour the local ads or used car websites, and you might just find a hidden gem that’s new-to-you.

4. Uber It Up: The Occasional Splurge 

For those days when you do need a set of wheels, why not Uber it? It’s like having a personal chauffeur at your fingertips, without the hassle of parking, insurance, and all that jazz. Save it for special occasions or lazy days – because sometimes, you just deserve to be chauffeured around.

5. Join the Car Club Scene 

Check out local car clubs or car-sharing services. It’s like a library, but for cars! You get the freedom of having a car when you need it, without the ongoing costs. Plus, it’s a great way to test-drive different models – think of it as speed dating with cars.

6. Public Transport: Embrace the Journey 

Public transport can be an adventure. You’ll meet characters, read that book you’ve been ignoring, or finally master the art of people-watching. Make it fun – create playlists for your journeys or turn it into a game of ‘spot the most outrageous hat’.

7. Skateboarding: Your Quirky Go-to 

Why walk when you can skateboard? It’s not just for teens – grab a longboard and glide to your local shop or café. It’s eco-friendly, good exercise, and you’ll look super cool doing it.

8. Rollerblading: The Funky Commute 

Strap on some rollerblades and whizz to work or the shops. It’s a fabulous workout, reduces your carbon footprint, and let’s face it, it’s just plain fun. Plus, you’ll definitely stand out in the morning commuter crowd!

9. Hitch a Ride on the Sharing Economy 

Have you thought about jumping into the carpooling bandwagon? Apps like BlaBlaCar connect you with folks who are traveling in the same direction. It’s a win-win: you save money, reduce emissions, and who knows, you might make a new friend or two! Carpooling is like the grown-up version of sharing sweets – better for everyone involved.

10. Weekend Swap-a-Car Scheme 

Something that you might not have thought of, but which can really help you to leave the costly car behind, is simply setting up a  ‘swap-a-car’ scheme with your friends, neighbors, and other loved ones.  How does that work? You lend them your car for weekend errands, and in return, they let you borrow theirs for your mid-week grocery run. It’s a fun, trust-building exercise that gives you both a break from your routine wheels, but more importantly, it will mean if you need access to a bigger car to transport your stuff, you can borrow it, or if you need a fancy car to impress, you can borrow that too, It sounds like a hassle, but if you have fun and trustworthy friends who are up for it, then why not give it a go?

11. The Scooter Revolution 

Always fancies yourself as a closet mod? Then why not embrace the scooter? They’re typically much cheaper to run than the average car. They look great and they have that retro feel that is so much fun. Save your money and travel Italian style!

As you can see, buying a new car is not the essential you think it is; it’s no big deal, so why not save your money and do one of the above instead?

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break magazine. She studied English Literature at Fairfield University in Connecticut whilst taking evening classes in journalism at MediaBistro in NYC. She then pursued a BA degree in Public Relations at Bournemouth University in the UK. With a background working in the PR industry in Los Angeles, Barcelona and London, Charlotte then moved on to launching Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden and has been running the online magazine for the past 10 years. She is a mother, an avid reader, runner and puts a bit too much effort into perfecting her morning brew.