Expert Reveals the Best Boozy Options for Your Waistline

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a night out with friends, or simply unwinding after a long day – indulging in a tipple or two is a common pastime.

However, for those who are conscious about their calorie intake and would like to keep their waistlines trim, making smart choices at the bar is essential.

In this article, Reza Zadeh, a drinks expert at Drinks House 247, shares the best boozy options for those aiming to keep the calories low.

Champagne over Sweet Wine (90 calories)

Let’s kick off with the sparkling favourite of celebrations and special occasions.

“Champagne is known for its elegance and bubbly vibe, but it is also a waistline-friendly choice. Opposed to a glass of white wine or a dessert wine alternative, there are a lot fewer calories involved in a glass of this bubbly stuff.

With only 90 calories per glass, you can toast your victories without the guilty feelings afterwards, you can also check is champagne gluten free so is even healthier as well.

Sweet white wine is loaded with sugars, adding more calories to a seemingly innocent beverage.”

Cosmopolitan over Long Island Ice Tea (146 calories)

“If you prefer your cocktails with a hint of sophistication, the Cosmopolitan is a relatively reasonable choice at only 146 calories.

With its sweet and summery taste, it’s a favourite among cosmopolitan sippers for its balanced blend of flavours, but won’t add too much to your waistline.

Long Island ice teas are usually loaded with extra calories, with the mixture of alcohol and sweet mixer drinks this favourite can pile on the pounds. Depending on who makes the drink, this drink can have anywhere from 420 to 780 calories.”

Protein Beer over Regular Larger (92 calories)

For the fitness-conscious who don’t want to entirely forgo their favourite brew, protein beer is a good choice.

“At 92 calories, it offers a protein boost alongside your typical beer experience, without the beer belly.

Although a regular pub favourite, a lager can come in at around 150 to 200 calories per pint.”

Moscow Mule over a Margarita (138 calories)

“The Moscow Mule is a popular choice for its refreshing ginger kick and contains just 138 calories.

It’s a classic option for those who prefer a zesty twist to their tipples without compromising your calories.

Many opt for Moscow Mules, which blends ginger beer with vodka and ultimately gives you a lighter choice. They won’t contribute the extra 168 calories per drink that Margaritas do, thanks to their omission of salted rims and premixed syrups.”

Martini over Mojito (160 calories)

Shaken or stirred? If you enjoy the elegance of a Martini, be mindful that it packs a bit more of a punch in the calorie department. “With 160 calories per serving, it’s a timeless choice for those who appreciate a more refined tipple.”

“Although the addition of mint and limes might make a Mojito seem healthy, they are sweetened with sugar syrup, bringing the calorie count to 220 – that’s 60 more than a Martini.”

Slimline Gin and Tonic over G&T’s (115 calories) 

“It’s good news for gin lovers, opting for a slimline gin and tonic is a savvy choice at just 115 calories per glass.

Enjoy the herby and botanical notes of gin without the added calories from a regular tonic or fizzy alternatives that are packed with more sugar.”

Diet Coke and Rum over Alcopops (100 calories)

This is a great low-calorie option and even better if you’re a Diet Coke fan.

“With only 100 calories a Diet Coke and rum is a simple choice, offering a classic flavour with a hint of rum warmth – ideal for the looming fall season.

Extra sugars can make fun alcopops have in excess of 230 calories, making them almost 130 more calories than a diet mixer and rum tipple.”

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