Will AI Have a Role in Cyber Security as Technology Develops?

AI (artificial intelligence) has made some incredible leaps in progress over the past year or so. It’s reached a stage in its development where it can be successfully integrated into a number of different processes, with often astoundingly positive results.

One of these areas is cyber security. From behaviour prediction to data analysis, as AI continues to develop at an exponential rate, we’re likely going to see a number of innovative applications in a wide range of niches. 

Threat detection

Burglar alarms are nothing new, but when it comes to detecting threats with cyber security, things get a little bit more complicated. AI powered systems are able to monitor complex data, identifying any strange behaviour or patterns that could indicate some kind of imminent threat. When integrated properly, this can dramatically reduce the risk of attacks, keeping any damage that does occur to a minimum.

Automated response

In many cases, it’s simply not possible to have someone monitoring security alerts 24/7. AI is a bit of a godsend in this area, as it can be used to automate a wide range of sophisticated responses to potential threats. Currently, most of these responses are predefined, but as AI continues to develop, it will likely be able to come up with totally new solutions on the fly which are even more effective.

Keeping false positives down

While it’s important to be cautious, ‘traditional’ security solutions can often result in a massive quantity of false positives. These will often all need checking by human teams, and can be a huge waste of time. 

AI can be leveraged to help keep false positives as low as possible, cutting costs while allowing cyber security operatives from teams such as Citation Cyber to focus their expertise where it’s actually needed.

Analysing behaviour

User behaviour can increasingly be analysed by AI technologies to provide insights into unusual activity. Whether an account is logged in to from a strange location, or masses of data is being extracted or downloaded, AI can flag behaviour which, while legal, may be a reasonable cause for further suspicion.


One of the best things about any AI-powered solution is that over time, it can teach itself to be better. Rather than being a fixed solution that needs patching and updating by coders, AI powered cyber security tools can look at their own results, see what’s working and what isn’t working, and update their approach to security based on those findings. 

This means that these kinds of solutions are less likely to result in unpredictable security holes, remaining effective and relevant for far longer than they otherwise could. A solution which is constantly improving itself is also often a much better investment than one which needs to be updated manually all the time.

Using AI to strengthen your approach to cyber security can be incredibly effective for businesses in a wide range of different areas. It’s important to stay up to date on what’s available, to ensure that you’re not remaining unnecessarily vulnerable to any emerging cyber threats.

Ade Holder

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