Homeware Expert Shares Three Mistakes You’re Making in Your Living Room

The power a rug can have on your home

According to new data from Google Trends, searches for ‘large jute rugs UK’ have grown by 300% in the past seven days, with searches for ‘long runner rugs’ and ‘living room rugs’ also increasing by +50%.

Speaking in the spike of interest in decorative rugs, Charlotte Howarth, Web Merchandiser at La Redoute, said: “A rug has the power to completely transform a home: it can add softness into rooms, introduce pattern and colour into neutral living spaces, and even highlight feature and fitted furniture.

“If you’re looking for a seasonal refresh, a new rug is an easy and affordable way to do it. However, there is an art in handpicking one for your room as there are so many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, so doing your research is key.”

When it comes to updating your space with sumptuous soft furnishings this season, the French homeware online retailer has revealed its top tips to follow when introducing rugs into a room. 

KEEPING IT CLEAN: How should you maintain your rugs?

It’s tempting to buy a luxury, ornate rug to fill your space, but many shoppers forget to check whether it’s washable or not. Most rugs can be vacuumed just like a carpet. However, for more delicate designs like oriental rugs that are handwoven with silk or cotton, La Redoute recommends placing a piece of nylon mesh over the vacuum cleaner to protect the rug while cleaning it.

With a vast range of rug styles available, care instructions can vary massively. Always take caution when following the washing instructions and place your rug in a laundry bag or pillowcase to maintain quality and protect it from the machine. A dry carpet cleaning bolton is most suitable for delicate rugs. Once clean, leave your rug to dry naturally rather than draping it over a washing line to avoid the shape being distorted.

For high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms, which may be more prone to mess, synthetic rugs with a short pile length like the Tonia Fringed Berber-Style Rug are ideal. These rugs are typically less expensive than natural equivalents and the synthetic fibres are easier to clean, so you can keep them looking pristine all year around.

OVER AND OUT: When should I replace my rug?

Most shoppers cherish their household rugs, when in reality their typical lifespan ranges from five to ten years, depending on the materials. For those who are looking for longevity, shoppers should select rugs crafted from natural fibres like wool and jute, as these are typically more durable than synthetic alternatives.

It’s also important to consider your rug’s colour – bright and bold designs like the Prospera Asymmetrical Wool Rug are a great way to incorporate a pop of fun, but should be placed away from windows to avoid the colour fading in the sunlight. La Redoute recommends natural fibre rugs like the Juspar Jute & Cotton Kilim Rug, boasting a fade-free neutral colour palette that will pair harmoniously with any home and help extend the life of the rug.


The look of your rug is definitely important, but an incorrect size or positioning can throw off a room’s dynamic entirely. We recommend to always use a tape measure and some masking tape to figure out the ideal dimensions of the space you’re trying to fill.

For a large living room with a central seating area, shoppers should choose a supersized rug which is large enough for the furniture to sit on comfortably. Larger, durable rugs such as the Ryba Berber Style Indoor/ Outdoor Rug are ideal for this, unifying your living space.

However, many shoppers replicate this with smaller rooms, which can easily become overwhelmed by a large feature rug. Instead, choose a rug which just sits in from the edges of your chairs and sofas to create the illusion of more space.

La Redoute offers over 900 rugs that combine style, craftsmanship and comfort. Each rug is meticulously created using premium materials, and designed to elevate any living space with its elegance and charm.

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