Interesting Smartphone Developments You Might Have Missed

Our smartphones can now be used in a huge number of interesting ways, but you may have missed some of the most interesting developments that affect how we can now use them. This underscores the importance of familiarizing oneself with basic troubleshooting techniques.

The following are three pieces of news about mobile devices that show how new technology is used to help us make the most of our phones.

Play Better Games

The ability to play games using a mobile device isn’t new, but the industry continues to evolve thanks to new technology in phones and the latest game engines used by designers. This means that the quality of mobile games continues to improve, with augmented reality and virtual reality expected to lead to further advances in this respect.

When we view page details for online casino reviews, we discover that you can now fund your account using your smartphone’s bill. The Pay by Phone option is available at some casinos like Mr Q and Mr Spin, alongside other options such as debit cards and eWallets. In this way, it’s possible to fund an account and start playing solely slots or table games using a mobile device.

Gaze at the Stars

While modern smartphones are vastly more powerful than the computer that sent the first astronauts to the Moon, it still comes as a surprise to discover that we can use our mobile devices to look at the stars above us. This is done by combining smartphones with traditional telescopes to make astronomy an easier and more affordable hobby for everyone.

Vaonis is a company that makes smart telescopes such as the Stellina and Vespera models. They’re now looking to raise money in a crowdfunding campaign to produce the Hestia model, which would weigh just 500 grams and would work by guiding the light that enters it to the user’s smartphone while using a map of the sky to guide the telescope’s user to interesting features.

Keep It Clean in Fast Food Restaurants

One of the most eye-catching smartphone developments of recent times comes from Japan, where some McDonald’s restaurants offer cleaning slots in the bathroom where users can place their devices while washing their hands at the sinks. Once the phone has been placed inside, the slot is covered and UV light together with water is used to scan the phone and kill any bacteria on it.

Known as the WOSH smartphone cleaning system and created by a company called WOTA, it takes just 30 seconds to clean close to 100% of the bacteria from any smartphone. Around 20 of these systems are said to already be in operation in the Ginza district of Tokyo. With reports suggesting that these devices normally contain over 25,000 bacteria in each square inch of surface, this kind of cleaning system could become extremely popular in different parts of the planet.

These different advances in the world of smartphones help us to see how the industry is changing thanks to the latest technology and smart ideas for using it well. Expect to see more interesting news like this in the future, as the way we use our mobile devices continues to evolve.

Dana Zillgitt

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