5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in Time for Summer

As we welcome in the warmer months of summer, many will be feeling that it is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start to sort out and stay on top of our fitness regimes. Additionally, if you get into a new regime during summer, you are more likely to keep it up during the darker winter months which will help you stay on track later in the year. 

We have spoken to Jess Hillard, Nutritionist from leading sports nutrition brand, Warrior (www.teamwarrior.com), who tells us the ways to get into a good routine and feel good about yourself in time for summer.  

Find a type of exercise you enjoy:

So many people often get stuck in a rut of forcing themselves to go to the gym when they may not necessarily enjoy it! The gym is not the only exercise option out there and is certainly not for everyone. Exercise comes in many different forms, so find what works for you. Try out different classes and settings to find what you really enjoy and turn it a fun activity rather than a chore. Different forms could include swimming, taking ballroom dance lessons, long walks, rock climbing, cross fit as well as a variety of different group fitness classes. Sometimes it can even take changing what gym you go to help reignite your passion, you may find you enjoy the set up more, or the classes suit your needs better. 

Once finding something that you enjoy, you can then explore clubs within that sport and even turn it into a social experience. For example, you have found you really enjoy running, there are brilliant running clubs out there, not just competitive but friendly ones too, for all abilities. The same applies for many other sports such as swimming, football, netball, triathlon… the possibilities are endless. If you love watching sports, you can actually bet on it on sites such as slot gacor.

Workout with friends:

Make the time fun and enjoyable alongside good company. A great way to stay on top of a fitness regime is by incorporating it into your social life. Find a friend who has a similar training ability to you and agree to go for regular runs or walks which end in a coffee or bite to eat. You could try out the same gym class or do a workout together on the gym floor. By working out with a friend you can motivate each other and keep each other going. It also allows you to stick more thoroughly to a plan, for example if you have pre organised to do a class at 7am before work, you are far more likely to go if meeting a friend there rather than going alone. You can’t let the friend down! Many gyms will also do a refer a friend code which can be great, save money and motivate each other to go. Enhancing the comfort of your workout space, Gym Equipment Upholstery can add durability and style to your fitness gear.

Fuel your body:

Goes without saying that you can work on your fitness regime in the gym, but nutrition plays a key part in how you ultimately perform. The two most important macronutrients to consider when sticking to a fitness regime is carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates get a lot of bad press; however, they are so key in life! They help to provide energy to your working muscles and the brain. Do not neglect them and use them to help fuel your workouts. The other extremely important macronutrient is protein, the building blocks to muscle formation and repair. Ideally you want to spread out your protein throughout the day, keeping an even distribution. A good way to easily consume protein is by having high quality protein snacks, especially when on the go. A great option are protein bars and the brand-newBirthday Cake Warrior CRUNCH bar (RRP £19.95 available to buy from www.teamwarrior.com) is ideal for this. These contain 20g of protein and are a convenient snack to carry around with you to avoid having to reach for something unhealthy.

Get ample amount of sleep:

Aiming to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night not only allows you to get into a routine but allows your body to recover sufficiently. You can exercise intensely, but without adequate rest, the body will not be able to recover and perform at its best the next time. As you fall into deep sleep, the body has a larger influx of oxygen, helping more blood to pass into the muscles. This allows nutrients to be delivered to them, helping to repair and recover muscle fibres. Being tired whilst working out not only leads to less adequate performance but can also greatly interfere with yourjudgement, which can put you at risk of injury. Sleep allows the brain to get rid of metabolic waste, in turn, enhancing blood flow for optimal cognitive functioning. Intertwining your sleep with your workouts is a good idea, if you know you will be having a late night due to social plans, move the workout to later in the day and at a lower intensity. Save the harder workouts for a day where you can have optimal sleep and perform at your best, this is what will really make a difference to your fitness and helping you stay on track.

Set yourself realistic goals:

To help give your training more purpose, set yourself realistic goals that you can stick to. Be specific with them so you know exactly when you have hit your goal and when it is time to make a new one. Give your goals specific time frames, for example, “I am going to run 5k in less than 30minutes by December”. It also helps to make them achievable, so start with smaller goals and take it from there. Hit them one at a time and work through them individually. This will increase your enthusiasm and keep your spirits high for when you hit the goal. Perhaps have a list of a few small goals within a small-time frame, and one larger goal at the end. E.g. “I will run once every week for the next 3 weeks”. From there set a time to do the run in, with the end goal of entering a race. Having something to work towards massively helps with keeping up stamina and staying on track.

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.