5 Nutritionist Recommended Foods to Keep You Cool in the Heat

As we all eagerly await the warmer weather, we are aware of the importance of staying hydrated. However, nutritionist Jess Hillard from Warrior protein bars, reveals the surprising foods that can also help cool you down in the summer heat.

1. Coconut:

Coconut might just be the summer saviour you’re looking for. The electrolytes found in coconuts have great benefits not only to maintain fluid levels inside cells, but they are responsible for delivering water to where it is needed most. This helps keep us hydrated which subsequently improves skin health, regulates body temperature and supports joint health.

2. Frozen protein bars: 

Freezing protein bars is a great way to make them last longer and cool you down after a sweaty workout but giving you protein at the same time. I would recommend freezing the Warrior CRUNCH bars, it’s a great option for summer and gives a delicious ice cream-like texture.

Other great ideas include adding protein powder to fruit smoothies. You can also make your own ice lollies with ice cream moulds using clear protein powders mixed with water and then freeze in ice lolly moulds or mix a protein powder with milk and freeze for a creamier texture.

Making smoothie bowls is also a great idea, and these can be topped with the Warrior CRUNCH bars to give it an extra protein source whilst also being tasty (Warrior CRUNCH, RRP 16.99 for a pack of 12 or £16.99 for a variety pack, which can be purchased from www.teamwarrior.com).

3. Mint:

As a herb, mint can be used in cooking, smoothies, in water or even chewed from fresh! Menthol, the substance in mint, works by tricking your body into feeling cold. This works through triggering the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin, resulting in a cooling sensation that feels cold. When these receptors cause electrical impulses to travel to the brain, it can make you believe you are up 5 degrees Celsius cooler.

4. Cucumber:

Cucumber has a high-water content, making it a great option to keep hydrated and cool in the hot weather – 95% of a cucumber is water. Full of vitamin A and smaller amounts of Vitamin K, there are many benefits to this fresh vegetable as it provides the body with essential nutrients, folic acid, and fibre. Add it to a glass of water (with mint of course), smoothies, make a fresh cucumber salad or have it by itself. A quintessential summer meal could be a mint-cucumber sandwich with cheese and fresh tomatoes. 

5. Onions:

Unexpectedly, onions have cooling properties! Red onions are full of quercetin, a supplement that reduces an allergic response because it acts against histamine and boosts immunity. These antioxidants are what supports your body to fight free radicals. The juice of an onion is effective in treating sunstroke as well as sunburns because they are known to be rich in potassium and sodium, generating electrolytes in your body. Roast an onion to have as a garnish alongside most main meals and salads or roast it and add your favourite seasoning.

Written by Jess Hillard, Nutritionist from Leading Sports Nutrition Brand, Warrior