Staying Safe and Sound with Bodyguards: Dos and Don’ts when you use Personal Protection Services

Many people perceive personal security as a privilege reserved for the elite—presidents, key political figures, big businessmen, and celebrities. However, the need for VIP protection security Singapore extends beyond these high-profile individuals, encompassing a broader spectrum of clients who may require close protection on a daily or singular basis.

Why may you need a personal security officer, and how to make the most out of this?

The main reasons people use bodyguard services

“So many people, so many tastes” — they say. The same is about people’s fantasies on how to harm other people. That’s why the variety of reasons to use executive protection services is immense. Among the most common causes, you can find the following:

  • you are a politician, and your activity evokes negative responses;
  • you are a cultural figure and activist – being a public person always attracts attention, which is not always favorable;
  • you are a person who is pursued or harassed by other individuals;
  • you are a significant figure in a deal, meeting, or another business event;
  • your duties include resolving legal issues (in any sphere or level); 
  • you are a parent who wants to protect a child (or children) from unwanted attention or possible harm.

Each case is unique, at least because all people are different. Much depends on what’s your job, how you behave, and what’s your life background.

How to raise your protection level with your actions

When people need protection, they can have some unrealistic vision of how the processes happen. It’s better to follow some general recommendations on what to do and not to do to raise the efficiency of the bodyguard’s work. 

Things to do

As you address a protection company to ask for help with safety issues, you should:

  • describe the situation in all the details;
  • mention previous troubles that you’ve had and if they are related to the current circumstances;
  • describe the specifics of your activities;
  • answer the questions honestly;
  • name every possible reason for a dangerous situation to occur and how particular people influence it;
  • follow the recommendations;
  • find alternatives if some points are not appropriate, and take the line of cooperation with your personal bodyguard.

Following these, you raise your chances of avoiding or eliminating dangers in a critical moment.

Things not to do

Some points that can interfere with the protection strategy:

  • hiding or not spelling out some facts or suggestions about the current or previous situations;
  • giving false information;
  • acting too bossy, arrogantly, or doubtfully;
  • ignoring recommendations, bringing self-activity, and changing plans without prior notice;
  • overusing the bodyguard’s services by asking him to do something not prescribed in the duties.

Remember that personal security services are a necessity – not a privilege. 

Personal safety is typically something that doesn’t cross people’s minds until they’re confronted with an actual threat. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, there’s no need to panic – consider leveraging comprehensive professional services. Get in touch with Security Holding, a reputable company, to explore effective strategies for VIP protection security, shielding yourself from unwanted attention or potential dangers.

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