These are the Top 5 UK TV Shows

A new study has discovered the UK’s favourite British TV show through a series of knockout rounds, leaving one show left standing.

Researchers from Currys wanted to find Britain’s ultimate escapism TV. Is it the guilty pleasure of watching reality TV stars bicker over bread, boyfriends, and “back rolls”? Or the dramatic indulgence of watching our favourite actors deliver sizzling dialogue, slow-blink their way through close-ups, and duke it out over love, money, and power?

Asking over 2000 Britons to choose between a selection of the most popular TV shows – and the answer is Peaky Blinders.

1.  Peaky Blinders – gritty gangsters from are Britain’s top choice

In the final round of the TV Battle tournament period crime drama, Peaky Blinders beat Game of Thrones marginally with 50.04% of the votes and came out as UK’s fav TV show. 

The BBC’s gangster drama ended last summer with its 6th season, leaving fans craving for more. The creators put a stop to the TV show format but started working on the movie which will be out in 2024. 

2.  Game of Thrones – first place, but not today

The fantasy drama that kept fans couch bound for whole eight years, Game of Thrones, is the 2nd best TV show Britons chose.

The dragons, sex and magic show we were following from 2011 – 2019 came only second best. After the show ended, due to its extreme popularity spin-offs were already planned.

House of the Dragon aired in 2022, and the next season should be on next year but is not merely as popular as the original.

3.  Sherlock – the game is afoot at position three

Benedict Cumberbatch was a brilliant Sherlock and Martin Freeman was an ideal Watson. After four seasons of a bit darker version of the most famous detective, the public still wants more.

The idea of season five isn’t off the table according to the creator Steven Moffat and to leading actors, but there’s nothing definite on it. Fans should just re-watch. 

4.  The Crown – national treasure in a drama

The lavish original drama that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times is something that Brits highly value.

The Crown started in 2016, and the fifth season that came out on Netflix in November 2022 was supposed to be the last one… but the final one, the sixth is already being filmed. The release date is not known yet but should be during this year- 

5.  I’m a Celeb, Get me out of here: the last reality TV show standing

In the TV battle for popularity, the drama won over reality TV, with I’m a Celeb, Get me out of here, being the last show to lose the battle.

Why drama is winning over reality? 

Researchers in the study also asked what attributes people look for in their TV shows, 1 in 5 said ‘powerful acting’ and nearly a third chose ‘mystery’ – both qualities the Peaky Blinders series is known for. 

However, when it came to the most important thing Brits look for in a show, the majority (36%) look for humour in what they watch.

Clinical psychologist Dr Miranda Justo -Núñez, working for the NHS, has an explanation why fantasy wins over reality:

“Fantasy TV is uniquely placed to evoke a sense of wonder – the realities depicted are designed to spark the imagination of the audience and can provide a true sense of escapism. However, part of the genius of these programmes is that they continue to grapple with very “human” issues – such as love, power, and loss – despite their fantastical backdrop.”

The nation’s viewing habits: 1 in 10 are binge watchers

The research by Currys also asked the public about their viewing habits. And, when asked why they watch TV 47% use TV as a means to unwind, nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents watch TV with the intention of learning something and 1 in 10 are influenced to watch something due to social media.

When it came to the consumption of TV, despite the boom of streaming services giving shows on demand, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) still prefer to watch their TV episodes live. The majority (25%) though consume 2-3 episodes per sitting and 1 in 10 admit to binging TV series when possible.

Rachel Bartee

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