The Must-Have Interior Design Trends You Should Try This Year 

If you love keeping up with the latest design trends to hit the interiors world, then read on to gain some inspiration for what to do with your own home this year. 

From cozy farmhouse nostalgia to bold splashes of color and nature-inspired decorating, there are so many ways to update your home and make sure it’s bang on trend – while still remaining a soothing sanctuary for you to relax in. You may add some of the Tran + Thomas Design products that will surely fit your home’s interior.

Introduce Some Natural Wonders

One of the few positive effects of the pandemic and its attendant lockdowns was how it helped many of us to stop taking the natural world for granted, and to view the great outdoors with fresh eyes. Because we could no longer mingle with other people indoors, or go to the cinema, the pub, or the gym, instead we set our sights on our nearest outdoor spaces – whether that was the beach, the park, or our own back gardens. As a result, 39% of UK adults now feel that nature and its flora and fauna are particularly important for their own well-being. 

This yearning to connect more deeply with the natural world is being reflected in one of the hottest design trends of the year – nature-inspired interiors. Not only does this include natural hues, from grassy greens to seafoam blues and earthy brown tones, it even extends to our lighting.

Biodynamic lighting that mimics the gentle golden glow of sunshine is becoming increasingly widespread, and provides a healthier alternative to our harsh modern lighting.

Energy-Efficient Design Features

We may not realise it, but interior design trends are often impacted by global events. For instance, one of the newest trends is for design elements that help to control temperature and improve energy efficiency. In 2022, the UK experienced soaring temperatures, and it seems likely that these blazing summers will become more commonplace in the future. In addition, sharply rising energy prices have prompted many people to worry about keeping warm during the winter months. 

As a result, more people are searching for temperature-controlling accessories such as external shutters and insulation. Finding clever ways to keep a home cool during the summer and cosy during winter is more of a priority than ever. 

Of course, doors also play a key role in maintaining the temperatures in your home, and they can be an attractive design feature in their own right. If you are in need of some new interior doors, you can check out Online Door Store’s range of internal doors, which come in a wide array of styles, colours, and materials. Finding the right doors for your home should be a breeze.

Jazzed-Up Walls

If your interior walls currently blend into the background, then you may want to embrace the latest fashion for bright and bold wall coverings of all shapes and sizes. 

There are so many ways to liven up your bland walls – from vibrant patterned or textured wallpapers, to colourful murals, and even wood panelling. If you’re worried about going a little too over-the-top, you can choose to have a single feature wall in your lounge or bedroom, covered with decorative wallpaper in a design and colour that lifts your spirits. 

Alternatively, you can go the whole hog and cover every inch of wall, including any little nooks and crannies. If you’re not afraid to make a statement, then jazzing up your walls is definitely a step in the right direction.

Exuberant Colours And Patterns

While soothing nature-inspired hues are all the rage, there is also a thirst for bright pops of colour and eye-catching patterns. 

Pantone has announced that their Colour of the Year for 2023 is none other than Viva Magenta, explaining that this “unconventional shade” is necessary for an equally unconventional time. Inspired by the rich colour produced by cochineal, this bold and brassy magenta pairs well with more neutral shades such as beige or baby blue. 

Emulating Pantone’s taste for the vibrant, some of the other colours that look set for stardom in the coming months are rich berry reds, uplifting orange-tinged pinks, and luscious shades of blue and green for a truly dramatic effect. 

Of course, there’s no need to decorate an entire room in such stand-out hues; for a less dramatic effect, you can merely use pops of bold colour here and there, in throw cushions, wall hangings, or painted furnishings. 

Nostalgic nuances 

There’s no denying the fact that we live in challenging times, and perhaps as a knock-on effect, our eyes and hearts are turning increasingly to the past. This indulgence in nostalgia is reflected in an increasing interest in traditional décor, with modern farmhouse chic becoming increasingly sought-after

Creating this kind of charmingly vintage effect is simple. You can scour charity shops and second-hand sites for retro items to decorate with; from coal scuttles to hooked rugs, old-fashioned clocks and even vintage crockery, adding nostalgic elements to your home is sure to be both enjoyable and straightforward. 

If you or your family have any antiques or heirlooms, you can also incorporate them into your décor for that special personal touch. To finish off, cover your beds and sofas with patchwork quilts or knitted throws, and your home will be transformed into a cosy and traditional haven that seamlessly combines both the vintage and the modern.

Charlotte Giver

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