Why Choose Quality Longino Caviar This Christmas?

The very best restaurants in the world tend to choose Longino’s caviar. The reason? The high quality in which they have been prepared. Few brands in the world manage to have a process to make the original caviar taste ideal, so if you are looking for one, then you may consider this Russian Osetra Caviar for Sale Online. It is a process that needs specialists both in the preparation and in the cultivation of the fish.

Longino & Cardinal has a very strong historical connection with caviar. It was a company that started to import fresh caviar from Iran. In other words, for centuries it has been brought to the most demanding consumers foods similar to those prepared for the mysterious Shah of Persia.


It is impossible to talk about Longino & Cardinal without mentioning its long history of success. As in 1988 the partners of Longino & Cardenal managed to obtain license “number 1” – IT0001 – as the first Caviar Repackaging Facility in Italy. A difficult achievement that led the brand to gain a lot of prestige.

This achievement means that Longino has become a specialist in bringing high quality caviar to dozens of famous restaurants and important charcuterie across Italy.

Care in every detail is what makes Longino different from other brands. Sturgeon eggs are cleaned with salt water and then vacuum packed.

It is important to emphasize that the right measure of salt makes all the difference in the taste of the product. Another very important detail is the speed of the process and also the temperature to which the eggs are exposed, defining an organoleptic quality

To collect the eggs, you need a professional with a lot of experience to know the right time to fish. If the egg is in a very advanced stage, it becomes too oily and bad for consumption. If it was collected too early, it will be tasteless and tough to chew.

With the great demand for Longino products, it expanded to New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. The brand is always found at the top of the most specialized companies in caviar, whether in the care and quality of the preparation or in the excellence of the final product.

In which dish is Caviar can be used?

Even though caviar is a dish most seen by the vast majority of people as a dish used only in luxurious moments, it can be used in different environments, such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year and at gala parties.

When you have drinks like vodka and champagne, you can combine it with caviar. Vodka completes the flavor of caviar and also cleans the palate for other meals, champagne does the same job with a lower alcohol content.

For those who prefer something simpler, you can use it on toast, which will have the crunch of bread and the creamy flavor of caviar. Even better, if you mix a crème fraiche, which in addition to the tastier taste makes it look more striking.

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