Wesomnia Founder Ulrika Dehlryd on How to Create a Calming Bedtime Environment

We’re all familiar with the benefits of being well-rested. Improved energy levels, an uplifted mood, radiant skin, the list goes on. However, achieving these eight hours of undisturbed slumber is often easier said than done. We’ve all been in the situation where we have the best of intentions, settling in between our covers at 10pm, only to toss and turn well into the night. This is often because although our bodies may be craving rest, our minds are well-alert and ready for action. To solve this, a calming bedtime environment is simply essential.

So, why is it that we find it so difficult to settle down in the first place? Ulrika Dehlryd, founder of the sleep focussed brand, Wesomnia, says “many things on your “to do list” as well as screens and social media all around you could play a large part.”

These stimulants we experience on a day-to-day basis may make it quite difficult for your body to slow down and relax as it needs to when it is time to go to sleep.

Ulrika tells us, “I think that many of us from time to time struggle a little with sleeping problems or at least find it hard to calm down and relax at night. If you are living a quite busy and hectic life, then it might be quite difficult for your body to slow down and relax as it needs to, when it is time to go to sleep. If your thoughts are spinning and your mind is wandering, your body and muscles can not relax, something that we need to be able to go to sleep.”

She continues, “Actually there are really a great deal of things you can do yourself to take care of and improve your chances of getting a good nights sleep: 

“Trying to get that dose of daylight, being physically active not too late in the evening, have your bedroom dark and a little cold, not having coffee late in the afternoon, not sleep with screens in your bedroom, be careful with wine since it really ruins your sleep quality even though you may fall asleep quicker are among others, well known factors, that you can regulate in order to improve your sleep quality.”

“My personal tip in addition to the above is that I believe you can really help yourself by getting some good evening routines in to prepare yourself for sleep. For your body and muscles to be able to relax it needs your mind to calm down. And therefore I think it can be helpful to ask yourself what you need to quiet your mind?

“Routines that you find calming ie taking a warm bath, doing a meditation or yoga, reading a book, writing up what your are grateful and happy about in your day, or writing worries and things you have to do on a separate list to release your mind from having to remember etc.” 

Thankfully, Wesomnia has done some research to provide us with some solutions to create that perfect bedroom environment that soothes the mind, body, and soul.

Wesomnia was founded by Ulrika after working as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years. In her work she met people suffering from sleeping disorders, anxiety and depression where some kind of sleeping disorder often is present. Coming to terms with sleep and being able to get enough sleep is so incredibly important to feel vital and have enough energy in the day. 

It was from these experiences that Wesomnia and their weighted blankets grew up. High in function, aesthetics and sustainability towards the environment and humans were always part of their vision.

“Since we started in December 2019 we have now widened our assortment and today, we’re a Swedish concept brand and is run by me and my daughter Emma, who has her background in business economics.” Says Ulrika.

“To work together as mother-and-daughter duo, with different professional backgrounds and a generation between us, we believe this to be only fortunate since we often have different approaches to things, but at the same time very easily can understand each other and communicate with one another. 

“We now offer a mixed assortment in natural self-care, without compromising when it comes to quality and aesthetics. What we call, “products with a purpose.””

Let’s take a look into some of our favourite products that we’ve chosen to help us prepare for the essential hours of sleep.

To begin, studies have shown that’s it’s vital to part ways with the blue-light stimulation from our phones at least two to three hours before bed. For those of us who awake in the morning to the harsh horns of our devices, this seems quite a difficult task. It’s far too tempting to have one last look on our social media feeds as we set our alarms and plug our phones in at our bedside tables. The solution to this is to go back to basics and return to the original alarm clock. Not only is Arne Jacobsen Station Alarm Clock a stunning decorative feature for the bedroom, but it has all the necessary functions such as alarm, snooze and lighting. It has a sensor that activates both the light and the snooze with a light movement of the hand over the clock!

Next, we have the universal issue of tossing and turning as we try to relax into bed. As we lie between the sheets we can find our minds racing as we try to recall whether or not we sent that email at work, or the tasks we have due for tomorrow. Something that can be a huge help to this mental and physical restlessness is a Weighted Blanket.

Ulrika says, “Wesomnia as a brand started focusing on sleep and how to reduce stress with weighted blankets, stemming from my work as a clinical psychologist. We started up with weighted blankets in all natural materials (merino -and lambswool) and in sizes that make them easy to move around the house. Important for us was high in function and quality as well as aesthetics and production process we could stand behind.”

According to Wesomnia, the effect of a weighted blanket can be experienced a bit like a hug. The 5kg weight against the body naturally releases the calming “feel good” hormone called oxytocin. It can increase the sense of security, therefore increasing relaxation and your ability to fall peacefully asleep.

Other times, it is by no fault of our own that we cannot get our eight hours of rest. During the summer months, the long, bright days and early morning sun can prove to be quite an obstacle to a deep sleep. Each one of us naturally have something that’s called our circadian clock. This is our bodies response to sunlight, taking it as a signal to be awake, and the darkness as a signal to fall asleep. A simple addition to your night-time routine that can do wonders for telling your brain it’s time to go to sleep, is to slip on a Sleep Mask. Wesomnia’s sleep mask is a fine-knit sleep mask made from recycled cashmere. This blend provides a wonderfully soft, luxurious feel, gentle on the skin and hair.

Finally, we have the power of essential oils. Various blends of essential oils are known to spark different feelings within us, from uplifting to calming. Wesomnia’s Rassa Dream Drops are a deeply relaxing alchemy, designed to promote an immersive sleep with the unique scent that this blend emits. The harmonious blend of Roman Chamomile can help to aid rest and relieve tension not just before bed, but at any time of day.

Why not treat yourself to a warm bath as part of your wind-down routine? With the addition of a few drops of these oils, you can instantly transport yourself into an oasis of calm. On those shorter evenings when a bath is out of the question, you can also pour just two drops on the pillow to envelope your senses. 

When combined with trying to get daylight, being physically active not too late in the evening, and not having coffee late in the afternoon, there’s no reason why a good quality night’s sleep shouldn’t be attainable to all.

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break magazine. She studied English Literature at Fairfield University in Connecticut whilst taking evening classes in journalism at MediaBistro in NYC. She then pursued a BA degree in Public Relations at Bournemouth University in the UK. With a background working in the PR industry in Los Angeles, Barcelona and London, Charlotte then moved on to launching Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden and has been running the online magazine for the past 10 years. She is a mother, an avid reader, runner and puts a bit too much effort into perfecting her morning brew.