8 Gifts for People Who Just Need a Good Night’s Sleep 

Do you know someone who battles sleepless nights?

A restful night’s sleep is crucial for our health. We can’t think with clarity or concentrate if we don’t get seven to nine hours of sleep. While we may blame our sluggishness on the lack of enough sleep, sleeping less than seven hours each night significantly affects different processes in the body. The lack of sleep extends to how one manages, processes, or reacts to their or other people’s emotions. Children will need more than nine hours of night sleep. The restful nights will help them hit their milestones within the required time. So, how can you help them sleep better? Are there items that can help them get enough sleep? 

Yes, there are products designed to help people fall or stay asleep. Here are eight gift ideas to help them get 7-9 hours of sleep each.

A Relaxing Bath Pack

A warm bath before bed prepares the mind for sleep. Take it a notch higher by letting them have a relaxing soak each night before heading to bed. It will set their mind and body up for a restful night. It will help them fall and stay asleep. 

They could soak in a fragrant-packed bath or therapeutic bath salt. Get them a pack of sleep-inducing lavender or CBD-infused bath salts. They’ll appreciate the gift.


A diffuser is a thoughtful gift for an insomniac. Pair the diffuser with a set of calming essential oils. Calming scents are good sleep inducers. The olfactory system directly connects to the brain’s section that controls emotions and memory. The scents traveling through the olfactory nerves will help the mind and body relax, making it easier to drift into and stay asleep. The diffuser will guarantee them a deep sleep each night.


Although melatonin supplements are great to sleep aiders, too much can harm them. Instead of getting them melatonin, why don’t you surprise them with a bottle of Vitamin E gummies? While most people assume that one should take Vitamins in the morning, some can help you sleep better. Vitamin D helps promote better deep sleep each night. Vitamin E will minimizeand prevent further damage to one’s memory due to sleep deprivation. So, you not only help them to sleep better but also restore their impaired memory by getting them a bottle of Vitamin E gummies.  

White Noise Machine 

Environmental noise can significantly impact their ability to fall or stay asleep. However, introducing a white noise machine in the bedroom can help reduce the impact of environmental noise. The continuous low-pitched sound will block out disrupting noise as they sleep. Hence, promoting deep sleep.

Sleep Inducing Pillow Spray 

Pillow sprays work. A spritz on the pillow will lead to a short trip to lethargy. Therefore, get them a pillow spray infused with sleep-inducing scents. Chamomile or lavender pillow spray will calm their nerves, making them sleepy. It will help them fall asleep as soon as they get into bed.

Pack of Herbal Teas

Drinking soothing tea before bed helps the body slow down and relax after a stressful day. A cup before bed will do wonders to your sleep patterns. Most herbal teas have natural sleep raiders. Hence, helping them fight sleeplessness. A perfect example of herbal tea shown to induce sleep is valerian tea. The dried valerian root (the main ingredient in valerian tea) reduces anxiety, relaxes the body, and promotes deep sleep. 

Air Purifier

Air pollutants may affect our likelihood of falling or staying asleep. Therefore, get them an air purifier. It will eliminate allergens and air contaminants in their bedroom, a common cause of disrupted sleep. Also, the air purifier will refresh stale air.

Sleep Inducing Patches 

Sleep patches are effective and considered safe for adults. Anyone who has trouble staying or falling asleep will sleep their way to a boosted immune system and a healthy mind. Most of the sleep available contains melatonin and GABA. Look for patches infused with natural skin-friendly sleep raiders. 

Wrapping Up 

Anyone battling with sleepless nights may wake up feeling exhausted or cranky the next day. However, less sleep has more damage than being exhausted. Lack of sleep can mess up their mental and physical health. It will mess up their moods, ability to relate with others, how they process their memory, and their ability to fight off infections. Therefore, if you think they need extra sleep, get them any gift ideas discussed in the article. 

Peter Palladino

Peter Palladino, a business development professional with 10 years of experience working in China. He constantly writes extensive articles covering topics about emerging markets, their ability to attract new business/investments from abroad. He helped many of them create branches in China, Japan, and the Philippines, and have been quite exposed to business-making in those markets. He has experience working in a range of industries and providing technical support in topics such as business growth, market expansion, and product development. Currently, he is also serving as an Expert at Globalization Pedia and provides technical advice for its China EOR solutions targeting U.S. International businesses. Peter is passionate about family, languages, traveling, and reading.