Update Your Kitchen on a Budget with the Biggest Interior Design Trends for AW22 

With the cost of living continuing to rise, it may seem like an impossible time to give your kitchen a makeover – but there are lots of ways to freshen up the space without spending a lot. Consider the affordable elegance of Kitchen Worktops Cheshire, offering a budget-friendly yet stylish solution to rejuvenate your kitchen. 

Here, budget expert Natalia Lachim from Discount Code presents ways to update kitchens with three of the biggest interior design trends for Autumn/Winter 2022, without breaking the bank. 


Japandi combines the sleek functionality of Japanese design, with the modern yet cosy styles of Scandinavian hygge. It’s minimal with uncomplicated, simple lines, and blends nature with neutrality. Japanese warm hues and natural undertones meet Scandi lightness and comfort, with functional but soft lighting. 

How to achieve Japandi on a budget:

Japandi is about function as well as style, and it’s good to have a quality over quantity approach. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds on new things but clear the clutter and only keep the things you actually use. 

Keep the walls light and the cabinets dark. Slab-style cabinets work best for Japandi design – if you already have them, try covering them in a rich dark wood effect vinyl wrap, or painting them black. If you have shaker or bevelled cupboards, just replace the doors instead of getting a whole new kitchen. 

In line with the Japandi design ethos of simplicity and harmony, the interplay between light-colored walls and dark cabinets creates a striking visual contrast in the kitchen space. To complement this aesthetic, choosing the right countertops becomes essential. Consider sleek and minimalist countertops in neutral tones such as white or light gray, providing a clean and cohesive backdrop for the dark cabinetry. Transform Your Islip Home with Our Countertops and Cabinets seamlessly integrates into this narrative, offering homeowners the opportunity to elevate their kitchen’s design with a curated selection of countertops and cabinets that align with the Japandi aesthetic.

When it comes to countertops in a Japandi-inspired kitchen, opt for natural materials like wood or stone. Butcher block countertops are an excellent choice, as they bring warmth and texture to the space while also providing a durable surface for food prep and cooking. The natural grain and color variations in the wood add visual interest and a sense of depth to the kitchen, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. To keep the clutter at bay, consider adding a butcher block desk in a corner of the kitchen. It can serve as a functional workspace for meal planning and grocery lists, while also providing extra storage space for kitchen essentials. With a focus on simplicity, functionality, and natural materials, a Japandi-inspired kitchen can be both stylish and practical.

Use natural and organic materials like bamboo, terracotta, raw wood, and wicker. Charity shops and online marketplaces are great places to hunt for old wooden chairs that can be sanded down to look new again, or paper light shades to give the room a soft glow of light. 

Nature is a big part of Japanese and Scandinavian design and ideally, you would have an easy connection to outdoor space. As not every kitchen has the luxury of leading into a garden, you can bring the outdoors in. A couple of houseplants like a bonsai plant or a bamboo can bring the Japandi aesthetic together, but they can be very expensive; look for artificial plants to save money while still adding some. 


Maximalism is one of the hardest trends to do well but is easily done on a budget. More is more, with bright colours, pattern layering and a sense of playfulness. It may look chaotic, but the key to proper maximalism is being thoughtful and selective with your choices. It’s not just clutter, it needs to be carefully curated.

How to achieve maximalism on a budget:

With maximalism, it’s all about the accessories and styling. Charity shops are your best friend here – look for anything that catches your eye, like floral plates and bowls, coloured glassware, vintage storage tins, and colourful artwork.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring colour to the kitchen is to paint your existing cupboards. Sand them down first, and with a couple of coats of a bright colour, it’ll feel like a brand new space. Mix up the colours and have the bottom cupboards a different shade from the top. Don’t be afraid to colour clash!

Peel-and-stick tiles are very easy to use, and you can add a splash of colour without needing any tiling experience or spending much money. Stick them over paint or even existing tiles to make a fun backsplash. Alternatively, if you like your existing tiles but just fancy a bit of a change, try some tile paint to freshen them up, and use a stencil to add a pattern.  

Add pops of pattern and colour with wallpaper in unexpected places like behind shelves or in the recess around a window. Save money by using wallpaper samples, which can be free or a just couple of pounds, rather than buying whole rolls and not using it all.

Rustic boho

Boho style can be tailored exactly to your tastes and can be whatever you want it to be; from warm, rich colours, using some of the maximalist eclecticism, to subtle neutrals with natural materials. It creates an inviting, welcoming space, filled with texture and light.

How to achieve rustic boho on a budget:

Take a trip to your local charity shops. You don’t want things to look too shiny and new, so search for vintage plates, bowls, and storage. Look for wood, terracotta, stone, and wicker. You don’t need to spend much but keep an eye out for things like serving platters and bowls that can be functional as well as stylish when out on display. 

Open shelving has been a big trend for a while and looks great in a boho kitchen. In a small kitchen, it can really open up the space and make it seem bigger. You don’t have to remove all of your cupboards though – just remove the doors! Fill in the holes where the hinges were, and sand and paint them inside and out if they don’t match your chosen colour palette.

Make a statement with your lighting. Forget the harsh lighting of kitchen spotlights and opt for something more natural looking. Try a large rattan hanging light, or several exposed Edison-style bulbs hanging at different heights, to create softer lighting while still being functional. 

A solid wood worktop can be very expensive so try covering what you already have with wood or stone effect vinyl to bring new life to your existing kitchen counters. It will take a bit of patience to get it completely smooth but will be much cheaper than replacing the whole thing!

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.