Which Brand of Mozzarella Cheese to Choose

There is a wide variety of cheeses that you can choose from, among brands and the way the mozzarella cheese is made is one of the most popular models in the world. And do you know which brand produces the best cheeses?

With great worldwide influence, Longino & Cardenal cheeses are consumed by restaurants with top ratings and by the most demanding palates. Learn more about one of the best cheeses made in the world.

Why choose cheeses from Longino & Cardenal?

The Longino & Cardenal brand is known in several global territories. It is seen as a distributor of high-quality gastronomic products for restaurants and partners looking for the best in a variety of hard-to-find foods.

One of its clients is the luxury hotel Four Seasons, whose shareholder is Bill Gates and the Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, as well as the Mandarin Oriental restaurant with 33 properties worldwide.

One of its more than 1,800 top-of-the-line products, Longino & Cardenal offers is mozzarella cheese. Being prepared with all technology and dedication in each step of the process.

What mozzarella cheese do they make?

There are several tastes, textures, and cheeses that you can use for different occasions. Buffalo mozzarella, to be an ODP, it is necessary that the fresh whole buffalo milk must come exclusively from farms in the certified area.

With this name, the organoleptic characteristics of the buffalo mozzarella cheese typical of Campania are recognized, derived from precise environmental conditions and traditional processing methods existing only in this specific production area. Only dairy products that go through the demanding certification process can earn the ODP mark.

Another great option is the Buffalo Braid. A type of cheese known all over the world, with the “Made in Italy” seal, which can be considered that it is seen with the same quality in the United States as champagne.

Accessing the Longino & Cardenal store, you will find several other variations of cheeses that match the most different dishes and cuisines.

You can combine it with other products from the brand itself, including the famous caviar to create sophisticated dishes that will please everyone during important and special celebrations for you.

Through the online platform, deliveries are made quickly. They are present in Italy, New York, and Dubai. And for sure, it will be present in moments of your life that need high-quality products for tasting and that bring the feeling of luxury and sophistication.

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