What Can You Do to Make the Most out of Your Photo Books?

Photo books are a fantastic way to showcase your favourite photos and to relive great memories with friends and loved ones. As a kid, you can probably remember spending hours looking through old photos of your parents and family at events or just having a good time, nowadays with modern technology most of our photos are stored on our phones and laptops and we often forget about them. For Austin family photography, call Angela Doran Photography to capture new memories and create beautiful photo books that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

With that being said photo books are a fantastic way to have specific types of photos and memories in a central location. And to take beautiful photos of your kids that you can put in your photobook, you may want to hire a professional photographer and rent a kid photo backdrop.

This article will explore different avenues of things you can do to get creative with your ideas and the best ways to create your ideal photo book. 

What are you creating the photo book for?

It’s imperative that you have a clear concept as to why you are creating a photo book. There is a lot of information to consider before making a start, are you creating a photo book for personal use? Professional use? Or as a gift? By figuring out the reason as to why you are creating your photo book it allows you to focus your attention on its structure, maximising the potential of your photo book.

Choose where you create your photo book!

There are different options available to you when making your photo book, you can create it yourself using a blank book and printing your own photos, or you can take advantage of the ability to purchase pre-designed photo books. An example of a place you could look to purchase a photo book is ASDA photo, an online retailer with a large selection of high quality photo books at a competitive price. 

Be specific on the layout and material of your photo book.

Quality is key and sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming with the amount of customizability options that are available to you when creating a photo book, especially if you are making it from scratch. We suggest depending on the purpose of your photo book, which we discussed earlier in the article, to set out a layout that fits that purpose. 

There are three typical types of material available to you when buying a photo book in a store or online and these are:

Hardback: Hardback books are normally made with the highest quality and care in mind with the cover printed and laminated in a high quality protective finish. The pages are double sided with quality paper offering a luxury feel. 

Softcover: Softcover books offer lightweight and durable ways to display your photos. Great for lots of occasions due to its ability to withstand wear and tear and being flexible. 

Layflat: Layflat books are perfect for landscape photo shots. The left to right page flows seamlessly, the book opens out flat and is great for panoramic photography. Layflat photo books typically come complete with a laminated, glossy finish cover ensuring maximum protection.

For more information on the type of layouts and materials available to you click here.

Keep your copy and font style consistent.

Having multiple fonts might appear fun on the outside but in terms of a stylistic visual perspective it is important to have consistency within the photo book. A lot of people think that ‘photo books’ are just for photos, well this is not the case, especially if the photo book is a gift. Your recipient may forget where a specific photo was taken, the meaning behind it or you just might want to leave them a nice message. No matter what you are trying to show with your text it is best to keep the visual aspect among the top of your priority list and that is why we recommend using the same style of font throughout your photo book.

Organisation is your friend.

Having a structure to your photo book is a great way to enhance the experience of the recipient going through your book. We like to think of our photo books as telling a story dependent on the purpose of the book. If you are giving it as a gift try and tell a story through the pictures and text, if it is an informative piece keep the content grouped together if it is relevant. 

With that in mind we would suggest creating an index page! Having a table of contents or something of that ilk can be a very useful tool if you have a large photo book, it will save you and others time if you are trying to locate something specific. 

Your photo book doesn’t have to be perfect.

At the end of the day a photo book doesn’t have to be perfect, the main thing is to have fun creating it. It is up to you what you determine to be ‘perfect’, you may not think it is up to standards but your recipients may love it. What is important is to make sure you are creating it with love and enthusiasm.

Hopefully these tips have helped you get the most out of your future photo books and aid your process of creating more in the future.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.